December 5th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

If you want your company to stick out from your competitors, you market what makes you different and unique from your competition. You show a potential customer or client that only your business can achieve what you offer. Your uniqueness sets you apart from the rest. If that’s the case in business, then why are you following the same business administrative practices that everyone else uses?

In this digital age, it’s time to find new and more efficient ways to run your office, and easy lobby visitor management software is just the thing to help set you apart. This software offers an efficient and useful web-based interface to help run your lobby and simplify the check-in process for visitors.

Streamlines Check-In

Lobby management software completely eliminates the need for paper signatures and visitor logs. Everything is run digitally so that all of the information is immediately accessible to you. You’ll also avoid making visitors sign or fill out the same papers on their subsequent visits by saving these documents for later viewing. That means you know instantly who’s in your office!


But the all-digital check-in feature of our software doesn’t just benefit you, it also makes it more convenient for your visitors. A tablet with simple prompts greets visitors and directs them exactly where they need to go, even printing out a personalized visitor’s pass on the spot.


The software will even notify the specific employee when they have a visitor or delivery, making this software everything you would want in an automated receptionist. You’ll also avoid making visitors sign or fill out the same papers on every visit by saving these documents for later viewing.

Improved Security

With most things today being digital, it’s easy to add frequent visitor information as well as set up security alerts for when specific people interact with the software. Your lobby is the entrance to your office and is the first place you should have security checks. With visitor management software, this security is simple and discreet, as it will notify the right people if the wrong person tries to enter the premises. Lobby management software is a great program to have for your business and helps keep you and your visitors safe.




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