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December 19th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

How many times have you scheduled meeting at work only to find your team sitting outside the conference room because someone forgot there was already a meeting scheduled there? Enterprise meeting management software and display apps are designed to eliminate this hassle from the workplace and to make finding and scheduling a conference room easier. Your business will be improved with this software and it will streamline how you do meetings.

Optimize Your Conference Room Space

Guessing is never an acceptable part of a proper business model, and the same goes for scheduling conference rooms in the workplace. Enterprise meeting management software offers workplace analytics, so you can best utilize your company’s time and conference rooms. This software allows you to see statistics on how they interact with the scheduling software, including room utilization and the number of team members in a meeting. These analytics update in real-time to help you determine how to best optimize your conference rooms and help your employees schedule meetings.


Scheduling with Enterprise Meeting Management

The main goal of this software is to maximize efficiency in the workplace by eliminating time wasted scheduling meetings and avoiding overlapping schedules. Enterprise meeting management software helps you avoid disaster scenarios because it allows you to book rooms with multiple smart devices, on both Apple and Android operating systems, making it easy to find and use. Now, not only can you be reminded by your phone when you have a meeting, but you can also schedule the room from it.


Teem also offers a digital display app for the conference rooms themselves so employees immediately know when a room is available just by looking at it. These conference room displays even let you schedule the room right from the display itself so that spontaneous collaboration can freely take place in your workspace.

Teem has created its enterprise meeting management software with user experience in mind to further streamline how your company schedules meetings and conference rooms. Teem’s streamlined system extends to their pricing as well. With Teem’s simple pricing system you know exactly what you are getting and how to budget it into your spending. Allow Enterprise meeting management software to revolutionize how you use your business’s conference rooms by making them work for you. Sign up with us at Teem now and see how this software can benefit you.

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