December 4th, 2015


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Adopting meeting room manager technology in the workplace provides significant benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity. Experts estimate the average office worker sits in approximately 62 meetings each month. Meeting room manager technology will help you maximize the coordination, planning and execution of those meetings. 

Without efficient tools and systems, managing all these meetings becomes a pretty taxing process. How your organization keeps track of its meetings is a big productivity consideration – all too often, it’s a person who’s doing this. Who is your meeting room manager? Bet they’ve got other skills they could be using to your company’s advantage, if they weren’t spending so much time reserving conference rooms.

How Does Your Organization Manage Meeting Rooms?

See if this scenario sounds familiar: You need to schedule a meeting, so you contact an administrative assistant to find a time and an available room, book the space and get it on everyone’s calendar.

The admin may be using paper logs, spreadsheets or even multiple systems to book and track resources. Changes to the meeting details have to happen manually. And if more than one admin is keeping track of schedules, they all have to get involved.

This time-intensive process is inefficient for a single office, but it’s even worse when meetings are coordinated across multiple locations. Even if the offices are using technology to book their rooms, that tech may not share details that mean much to people in a different office. Time zones get ignored, rooms that are too small get booked, and human error increases, even for the most organized of meeting room managers and admins.

Think about how much time this confusion costs everyone: from the admin who’s helping to organize the process, to the attendees who end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

In one particular example, implementing EventBoard allowed one of our customers to free up a staff member who had previously spent almost all of their workday booking and updating meetings for the company, and re-allocate their time to something more productive.

Usually it’s only larger companies that can have a staff person who focuses almost entirely on organizing meeting times and spaces. But even smaller companies benefit; a 2013 study found that using an online meeting scheduling tool can cut in half the time it takes to schedule business meetings.

Right Resources, Right People, Right Time

A better way to handle meeting room management is to adopt technology that lets the person who wants to hold a meeting do the booking him or herself, regardless of where the meeting needs to happen.

For example, the Teem conference room scheduling software lets users choose from various meeting spaces across a single office, different buildings, or even at different campuses. By using our booking app, the meeting organizer can search for and reserve meeting rooms by real-time availability, room capacity, or available resources like whiteboards or videoconferencing.

This approach allows for easy changes to meeting times and locations – updates that are shown live-time on the conference room displays – and gives an option to label meeting details as “private.”

The most innovative and efficient companies do everything they can to get out of the way of their employees, so their staff can use the valuable skills they were hired for.

For companies growing in terms of both staff and space, managing meeting room reservations manually becomes a nightmare – for both the employees who just want to get a meeting booked, and for the staff person who has to devote their workday to the task.

Looking for Meeting Room Manager Technology That Best Suits Your Needs?

Choosing the right technology for meeting room management means everyone and anyone can quickly and accurately book the resources they need. And another unproductive legacy process bites the dust.

Want to learn more about solving meeting-related problems? Download our ebook, 5 Valuable Tips to Simplify How You Schedule Meetings.


Michael Moulton


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