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May 28th, 2015


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

We’re excited. As of May 27, EventBoard customers have access to a brand new analytics feature. We’ve been working on this for the past three months and I really hope you like it.

Built upon customer needs

We want to give you something you can use, not just look at. We started development three months ago by first reaching out to existing customers and asking questions.

Our goal is not to answer the question of the day, it’s to tell you what root causes and problems you are facing in your workplace, and give you the data behind those. Because of this, we didn’t ask “what data are you looking for?” Instead, we asked about problems teams were facing in understanding their people and in optimizing their workplaces.

We listened as our customers vented about employee complaints, space constraints, flexible workstations, unknown costs, facility expansions based on either limited or completely wrong data, and on and on.

Customer discovery (that’s what we’ve been calling it) is new to our small data team, but it has been invaluable to our process. We’ve come to love hearing customers share their problems, because it literally gives us an opportunity to build something that matters.

Next, we experimented with the data in the form of custom analytics. By the end, we had floated a hundred metrics and stats past customers to see which they used and which would lead to the most valuable and efficient insights.

The experiment left us with a narrowed down list of insights that we’ve turned into a dashboard for you. It has two main foci, your WorkPlace analytics and your WorkForce analytics.

Here’s a table summary of what you’ll get out of the new analytics, from more informed facility decisions to a less frustrated workforce.

Understand utilization, minimize costs  Facility decisions are being made without adequate data. We will show you which sites need to expand, which can accommodate more growth without additional facilities, and which buildings or floors are the best candidates for consolidation.
Prove ROI Know if and how behavior has changed based on investments made to the workplace. Upgrade some technology? Now you can track whether or not that upgrade made a difference in employee usage of the space and decide whether to continue the investment.
Know your people and your facilities Create the atmosphere your people prefer to work in by understanding their collaboration preferences. Why build 80% of your conference rooms to hold eight people when 80% of your meetings have only three people?
Make people happier Sometimes it feels like EVERY conference room is taken, but that is typically not truly the case. A behavior we’ve observed is most employees book meetings at similar time intervals, typically on the hour. When this happens, companies perceive a need to expand. Our analytics platform instantly shows whether you need to expand facilities or simply optimize booking times.
Quantify people time People are valuable. How much of your people’s time are you allocating towards meetings?

Go be the hero

Your new analytics platform is intended to help your company from a variety of perspectives. It’s no longer strictly applicable to IT and facilities departments, it’s also helping workspace planners, informing HR and people/culture teams, and being used by executives to drive better decisions.

We hope you find the analytics helpful and that you’re able to leverage the data to be the office hero(ine). As with everything we build, we’ll be making lots of improvements along the way. If there’s anything you need that isn’t there yet, email and let us know!

The EventBoard Data Team

Need assistance with your new analytics? Our support team is standing by to help you get the most from the new features. Email or call 415-423-2372.

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