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LobbyConnect is a great way for visitors to easily check in at your lobby or front desk. Most of your visitors are here to see someone specific and things go seamlessly.

There are also times when a person or persons want to be notified the moment that a particular visitor arrives.Maybe it’s a VIP who’s planning a visit, but no one knows exactly when they’re stopping by. In these cases, a notification is helpful, whether for security reasons or just so someone is aware that they’re in the building.

With Visitor Watchlist, you’ll receive an email when certain criteria are met for a visitor. You can set:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

From there, you set a threshold of what amount of a match will trigger the Watchlist alert. (The alert is at the global level and can’t be set on a per visitor basis.)

LobbyConnect SettingsOur Visitor Watchlist is a great “lightweight” approach to monitoring visitors. If you need more robust monitoring, use our free LobbyConnect Webhooks to integrate with a third-party monitoring service.


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Already a customer? Check out the Visitor Watchlist support article to learn how to get alerts up and running.