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The first integrations we built were direct connections with key complimenting applications. Our goal was to give you the ability to do more with the abundance of workplace data you generate using our platform. However, by tackling one direct application integration at a time, we were hardly chipping away at all the possible use cases for the data. Enter our latest integration: Zapier. By integrating with Zapier, we have essentially opened up our platform to hundreds of partners and apps at once.

Zapier enables devs and non-devs alike to automate workflows and tasks. We essentially send webhooks when an event happens,  and Zapier allows you to send that information to the destination of your choosing (i.e. MailChimp, Google Sheets, SalesForce, Zendesk, and Slack just to name a few). This means you can automate all sorts of useful things, like building your own custom visitor logs, messaging a person when a meeting is starting or 5 minutes before a meeting is over, or messaging a Slack channel when a room becomes available. You can even send a newly filed Work Request directly to Zendesk, a chat channel or Google Sheets.

At this time, we support webhooks for the following “triggers” (in Zapier speak), and will be adding more over time:

  • When a visitor checks in via LobbyConnect
  • When a user checks into a meeting
  • When a user ends a meeting early
  • When a Work Request is filed for a room

We can’t wait to hear about the ways you use Teem + Zapier to make your people, places and technology work even better together.