July 14th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

One reason people quit their jobs is that they lack the support they need to do their job efficiently. For your employees to provide quality work, they need proper tools, including the best office tech.

If your company is going to hold on to the skilled employees you need to run a successful business, you have to provide workplace technology that makes their jobs easier and enables them to be more efficient.

Why the Right Technology Matters

The right workplace tools will empower your employees – and your company as a whole.

First off, having the latest and greatest technology makes your company more appealing to potential employees, especially millennials. In fact, a recent survey found that millennial men are more likely to seek out companies that invest in and use the latest technology.

Technology also leads to more effective collaboration. Videoconferencing, project management software and other digital tools allow your company to still reap the benefits of in-person workplace collaboration while giving your employees the flexibility to work remotely.

Offering the right tools also enables your employees to be more efficient at completing their daily work tasks. It’s frustrating to feel like a hamster on a wheel, only able to work one way to get the job done. Your employees are different – different ages, personalities, how they operate, etc. – and you need to understand those differences and provide technology that lets them do their jobs in the way that’s most efficient for them.

Technology for Different Teams

Making the right office tech available to each company department, from HR to your sales team and everyone in between is crucial to increasing employee and office productivity. Here are some tools to consider.

Recruiting Technology

Technology can streamline the recruitment process and provide a higher ROI. Create a career portal on your company website where candidates can go to learn the details about working for your company, and then get rid of some of your HR department’s annoying busywork by using applicant tracking software.

Another great recruiting resource is social technology. A survey found that 49% of businesses use social technologies and tools for recruiting and hiring purposes, and 33% use them for talent management and development, including onboarding and training.

If your HR department is trying to better recruit and onboard millennials, then they especially need to go this route. Millennials spend on average about 30 hours a month on social apps. Utilizing social platforms is how you’ll stay on the radar of millennials looking for work.

Technology for Creative Teams

We all know the importance of brainstorming sessions. But the era of using sticky notes and breathing those strong fumes from dry erase markers (that all too often don’t work or go missing) is coming to an end.

If your company’s creative teams need a more interactive way to generate ideas, visually organize their thoughts and sketches, and then clearly share them with other departments, it might be time to look into a digital whiteboard.

These easy-to-use whiteboards, like TeamBoard or SMART kapp, capture and improve the brainstorming process, so your designers can refine how they work and refine the work they create.

Later in the design process, when mockups are ready, tools that allow for efficient gathering and resolving of comments can keep things moving smoothly. Dropbox and InVision both make it easy to share visual files with collaborators, who can offer feedback by attaching comments to the files.

Sales Enablement Technology

CRM solutions alone aren’t enough for sales teams anymore.

Reporting tools like InsightSquared integrate with CRMs and provide deeper insight into pipelines, whereas ToutApp and Hubspot’s Sidekick make it quicker and easier to reach out to prospects. When it comes to more efficient prospecting, software like ZoomInfo and InsideView can help keep data up to date.

If your sales team needs technology to keep up with their prospect lists and better collect, analyze and convey relevant information in a timely manner – give it to them. Having convenient access to this information helps sales reps better understand prospect challenges so they’re able to present the right solutions.

Whether it’s from the HR or sales departments, your company needs to see results. And unless you utilize technology to recruit and retain talented employees, the results you see will be high turnover and profit loss rather than happy, engaged employees and increased profits.

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