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The Workplace Experience

Return To Work
October 16th, 2020
No matter what gets thrown at you, you’re a reliable and effective staple of your organization. But in the face of COVID-19, knowing what to do and what’s expected of you is more difficult than ever b...
Return To Work
5 Powerful Digital Transformation Examples in the Workplace
October 14th, 2020
Many organizations were already undergoing some form of digital transformation in the workplace, but the global pandemic has brought greater urgency t...
Room Scheduling
Investing in Room Booking Software Versus Free Scheduling Tools
October 9th, 2020
If you’ve looked into room booking software at all, you’ve probably come across multiple free scheduling tools and platforms. You might be wondering w...
Return To Work
The Case For Voice Technology In The Workplace
October 7th, 2020
Your employees already use voice technology at home, calling on Siri, Alexa, or Google when they need quick answers. About 35% of US households now ha...
Return To Work
Why A Desk Booking App Is Essential In This New Era
September 30th, 2020
In today’s COVID-conscious environment, a desk booking app is considered an essential return-to-work technology. A desk booking app solves several wor...
Mobile App
Why a BYO Workplace App Could Hurt Your RTW
September 23rd, 2020
IT, HR, and workplace leaders are under a lot of pressure to get their return-to-work strategies right. As more organizations begin to return to the o...
Tips and Tricks for the Office
Why Offline Meetings Will Always Exist
September 16th, 2020
Today's millennials are your employees, managers, and CEOs. Along with their younger Gen-Z counterparts, millennials have become a dominant demographi...
visitor management
Why Wayfinding Signage Matters In A Post-Pandemic Workplace
September 9th, 2020
Wayfinding signage has always been an important part of the workplace experience. It helps employees and visitors feel more at ease and reduces the ti...
Mobile App
What Technology Do Employees Need To Feel Comfortable Returning to Work?
September 2nd, 2020
While your employees have become accustomed to working remotely, most are still eager to return to working in an office, according to a recent Gensler...