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Workplace Trends
June 16th, 2021
How do you spot a millennial employee? You may be familiar with the stereotype of lazy, entitled, job-hopping youngsters that don't respect their more experienced colleagues. In reality, they're not m...
Workplace Trends
Top 5 Digital Workplace Trends For 2021
June 11th, 2021
Life is too short to work in a dull environment. Especially when you consider just how much of our lives is spent working — 1,783 hours of work on ave...
Tips and Tricks for the Office
How Helping Employees Adjust To New Technology Improves User Adoption
June 9th, 2021
Nobody understands the importance of adapting to new technology in the workplace — or the challenges that come along with it — better than IT leaders....
Employee Engagement
Not Just Millennials: More Employees Want To Be Flex Workers
June 4th, 2021
Thinking back to the early 2000s, do you remember what came to your mind when someone mentioned "flex workers"? Back then, you might have thought the ...
Return To Work
What 300 IT Leaders Told Us About Workplace Technology Priorities
June 2nd, 2021
One of the biggest drivers of workplace technology investments in the past 12 months has been the ever-growing need to adapt to working remotely. The ...
Improving Work Productivity
Make Your Hybrid and In-Person Meetings Awesome Post-COVID
May 28th, 2021
Before the pandemic, the average employee attended 62 meetings a month and considered 50% of those meetings to be a waste of their time. Every month, ...
Tips and Tricks for the Office
3 Strategies To Improve User Adoption for Workplace Technology
May 26th, 2021
Will investing in new workplace technology be the key to supporting a successful return to the office? A lot has changed about life in these pandemic-...
Workplace Trends
The 3 Ways That COVID-19 Has Affected Technology in the Workplace
May 21st, 2021
When you schedule a meeting today, all it takes is a few clicks to schedule it on your company calendar, invite the right attendees, and share informa...
Workplace Trends
What Is Activity Based Working Post-COVID?
May 19th, 2021
Attempting to meet the needs of every employee and department is an incredible challenge, especially when you factor in the impact of the pandemic. Wh...