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Teem News
Teem on the iOFFICE Workplace Innovator podcast
February 4th, 2020
Teem News
Teem is the latest to join iOFFICE
January 28th, 2020
Have you heard the news? Teem and iOFFICE have joined forces!
Teem News
Teem named a marketplace leader on G2
January 21st, 2020
Tips and Tricks for the Office
Conference Room Digital Signage Has Big Benefits For Your Workplace
January 2nd, 2020
In a modern workplace, conference room digital signage is essential. Ever seen a "room reserved" sign taped to a conference room door? Do you remember...
office maps
The Cost of Wandering
November 7th, 2019
The Cost of Wandering  
product updates
Introducing Finder
October 29th, 2019
Introducing: Finder!  
The Changing Art of Visitor Management
August 19th, 2019
The Changing Art of Visitor Management  
Workplace Design and Strategy
Benefits of creative conference room names
May 22nd, 2019
Different brands have different personalities. Some brands want to be seen as sleek, modern, professional, exclusive, aspirational, or even fun and qu...