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Streamline Your Guest Experience

Pre-registering guests allows users to send visitors email invitations filled with everything they need to know about their upcoming visit. It also allows Teem Visitor Management to speed up the check-in process for visitors by allowing the host to fill in visitor information prior to the visitor’s arrival.

Visitor pre-registration is not a new function for Teem, but previously it could only be done within the Teem Dashboard. Now users can pre-register guests right from the Teem Calendar Plugin, in their own calendar (included in all packages) for a more streamlined experience.

Tools that Work Together

The combination of Teem Calendar Plugins and Teem Visitor Management gives your officeand its visitorsa more cohesive feel and an efficient scheduling flow that saves everyone time.

Take advantage of the entire Teem platform and get Teem Visitor Management in your office today.  Request a demo.

Or if you already have Teem Visitor Management (LobbyConnect), get the Teem Calendar Plugin:

Office 365

Pro Tip

Did you know that you can manually check out visitors after they’ve check in with Teem Visitor Management? See how here.