July 12th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Is there such a thing as too much data? Probably not – although the ability to sort through, analyze, and segment that data is critical to putting it to use. With the right data – and tools that manage it – you can make informed decisions about how best to utilize the resources your company has at its disposal.

That’s where Insights, our reporting and analytics product, makes a marked difference. Let’s take an in-depth look at what Insights can do for your business.

Available Insights

With Insights, you’ll have access to the following datasets:

  • How long meetings last
  • Typical meeting size
  • How far in advance meetings are scheduled
  • How often meetings are canceled
  • How much waste is recaptured by using Teem
  • Visitor overview
  • Room usage overview
  • Meeting room utilization
  • Zombie action logs
  • Technology overview

While some of those data sets are self-explanatory, a few require a bit of discussion.  We’ll start with looking at the insights involving recaptured time.

Recapturing Waste

Meetings that don’t occur, or “no-show,” are wastes of time for both your employees and your meeting rooms. With the right solution, though, you can recapture that waste and put it back to use.
Say a meeting no-shows for a 3pm in one of the more popular breakout rooms in your office. When the meeting isn’t checked into, our software will automatically free up the room on the calendar. Instead of sitting empty for an hour, that popular room can be used by other employees. Over time, you’ll collect plenty of data to show you when – and more importantly, which – rooms are recaptured and use that information to guide office design moving forward.


Visitor Overview

Would you invest heavily in renovating your side-entrance lobby if you knew for a fact it was mostly used for deliveries? Probably not. If it’s used primarily by job candidates and clients, on the other hand, a renovation is probably money well spent. If your organization has implemented our LobbyConnect product for visitor management, you can review related insights to quickly find out how many and what types of visitors frequent each of your lobbies, so you can make better decisions about lobby management and related processes.


Room Usage Overview

If you’re curious to know how many meetings actually take place compared to the number of meetings created, this data set will provide you with that information.

This insight also bridges the gap between meetings created and meetings that occur by showing how many meetings are canceled ahead of time and how many are just not shown up to.



Zombie Action Logs

If your company has recurring meetings – team huddles, staff meetings, etc. – chances are that quite a few of them have been abandoned due to attrition or a shift in venue, but the rooms attached to them still show as booked, falsely inflating utilization, making your employees feel like there’s never enough meeting rooms. By using Zombie Meetings ®, when meetings aren’t checked into for two or more consecutive reservations (you can customize the threshold), the room will be automatically removed from the calendar event (don’t worry, it’ll notify the meeting organizer when they’re one meeting away from your set threshold), freeing up the space in perpetuity. Zombie Action Logs are a record of missed meetings, should you need some backup or to identify repeat offenders.

Technology Overview

Meetings don’t work if meeting room technology doesn’t work. With the technology overview feature, you can see which technological amenities are most used, and which ones are most requested to be fixed.

This allows you to see the technology that your employees gravitate towards, and which are eating up meeting attendee, IT and facilities resources with their frequent breakdowns, delivering hard-and-fast insight into what technologies you’ll continue to use going forward.

Insights for You

The Teem platform offers a myriad of different options, which allows you to completely customize the type of insights you receive.

Some of the most helpful settings are:

  • Allow Reservations: this lets you set how many days in advance meetings are scheduled so that you can see how many days in advance users are booking meetings
  • Check-In: This setting brings up a countdown clock with a “Start Meeting” button on the room display at the start of every meeting. An attendee simply taps “Start Meeting” on their way into the room to confirm they’re using it. If no one checks in within a designated time frame, the space will be opened up for others to “recapture”.This feature has to be enabled to ensure the waste recapture feature works properly.
  • Enable Work Requests: this allows users to request IT support for broken or malfunctioning software directly from the meeting room itself, powering the Technology insight.

Insights is supported in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 1 (and above). The features and use cases for Insights are as limitless as the amounts of data you need to mine through in order to ensure you’re running a cost-effective business.


Michael Moulton

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