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Your desk. It’s where you spend your day when you’re lucky enough to not be in meetings or chasing down fires. You don’t get paid to be at your desk, you get paid to deliver to your customers. So why let something like an assigned seat make you stale or less productive?

EventBoard does a great job of creating sanity and efficiency around meeting room scheduling, so when customers asked us to do the same for reserving desks, we jumped right on it.It’s an extension of our core competency. And after trying it ourselves, we see the impact of being a nomad at times.

The point isn’t just to sit next to the window or espresso machine each day, it’s the ability to be the best you. With an open floor plan, you can make any or all desks reservable so that employees can get the most out of their hours in the seat, or on their feet.

Some days that means sitting with their team, some days it means sitting with sales or an engineer. Other days it’s just time alone with the city out the window and Spotify in your headphones.

So, we’re excited to introduce desk reservations. It’s simple and evolving.

Here’s how it works:

  • Search for an available desk based on date and time
  • Filter by campus, building and floor
  • Click on the listing for the desk you want – maybe it’s a standing desk, or the regular sit-down kind
  • Confirm the timeframe you want to reserve it for, then select the Reserve button
  • Rest assured that you’re set up for success

Some tips for rolling out desk reservations … Because change can be scary.

We’ve found that a good way to start is to sprinkle a few extra desks and monitors around the floor, to supplement existing seating. It encourages a change of pace, and if you use standing desks, like I’m doing right now, it allows you to stretch your legs a bit.

Go ahead, give it a try. Then let us know how we can make your team even more productive with a few small but powerful behavioral changes, like reservable desks.

Noah Singer has been running product development for the better part of a decade. He joined EventBoard in early 2016 to help a crack team of developers ship the most valuable product to the most people possible.