November 1st, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Want to get a sense for how many projectors or TV screens you have deployed throughout your campus? Need to understand which meeting room technologies get the most traffic, or cause the most disruptions? Look no further than the updated Room Amenities insight.

What information does it include and how is it calculated?

How many different meeting room amenities and technologies do you have deployed for a given location?
This simply counts the number of different types of amenities you’ve deployed throughout your meeting rooms, e.g. Apple TV, projector, whiteboard, BlueJeans, etc.

How many individual instances of an amenity are deployed?
This adds up the number of individual amenities you have deployed: 5 Apple TVs, 6 projectors, 6 whiteboards, 2 BlueJeans, for example.

How many meeting rooms have an amenity or technology attached to them?
This metric tells you the number of rooms that have at least one room amenity attached on the Teem platform, for the given location you are viewing, e.g. San Francisco campus has 245 unique rooms with room amenities.

Which amenity is included in the most meetings (traffic)?
Room amenities are ranked by “Traffic,” which counts the number of meetings the resource was exposed to. This gives you a sense for how often people could have used the resource.Amenities-insight-comparison-traffic-900px-1

Which amenity causes the most disruptions?
When you enable the Work Request feature for EventBoard conference room displays, you can then start to measure which room amenities are the most problematic (or have had the most work requests submitted against them).Amenities-insight-comparison-work-requests-900px-1

Ability to compare amenities by traffic or work request count for a given location.
The graphs shown above are interactive, so that you can view the information for different campuses, buildings, floors or rooms.

Note: In order to get the full benefits of the Teem platform, make sure you add your room amenities to each of your meeting rooms. This allows your teammates to reserve meeting rooms based on the technology they prefer, and allows you to get valuable insights on the technology in your workplace. If you need help getting set up, please reach out to our excellent support team or your account executive.

Use Case

The next time you need to equip a meeting room, make sure that you check out this insight beforehand to ensure you’re not adding equipment, technology or other amenities that will cause a lot of disruptions, or that your employees won’t use.

How do I access it?

Log into your Teem account and go to the Insights section, then click on Discover. Technology will be in the list of options; that’s where you can find the Amenities Overview.

Who can access it?

Any of your Teem users with permissions to access Insights can access this.


Dal Adamson heads up product for our data team. He and the rest of our data nerds are focused on improving Teem’s Insights platform and solving problems with workplace data.


Michael Moulton


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