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December 17th, 2015


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Have you ever thought of automating your front desk with a  visitor management system?

It can be a valuable way to improve the experience of visitors to your company, reduce the costs needed for a front desk staff person, and increase the security of your offices.

Even if visitor management software doesn’t replace your front desk person, it can let them concentrate on other tasks while still providing streamlined check-ins for guests. It’s especially convenient for registering visitors during odd hours or when the front desk staff is on a break, out sick or even on vacation.

And hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but an automated system means that your office has a list of visitors instantly available for security purposes, or in the case of emergency.

Visitor Check-In and Notification

A visitor management system is more than just digital signage because it can automatically notify staff members when their visitors arrive. This eliminates the need for a front desk person to hunt down the employee who has invited the guest to your office.

With EventBoard's guest registration software, called LobbyConnect, the notification can be sent either by text message or by email. It also creates a private channel for communication between the visitor and the employee, which can become very important in public spaces or if the meeting surrounds a sensitive topic.

For some visitors, lobby check-in may be the first in-person experience they have with your company. So it’s important for the guest registration system that you choose to have a clean, user-friendly interface. The ability to customize the initial “welcome” screen is another feature to look for.

Easily Gather Crucial Information From Guests

Using software for visitor sign-in means you can get rid of physical visitor logs and gather even more information about guests – without slowing down the check-in process. Requiring guests to choose from a provided list of visitor types, for example, provides insight into the comings and goings in your office building, or even across entire campuses.

Taking the automation process a step further, if you have non-disclosure agreements, disclaimers or other clearances that you require of your guests, a good visitor management system can collect the necessary signatures from guests during the check-in process. These signed documents remain on file in a secure, centralized dashboard so they can be accessed by system administrators who have been given permission to view them.

If identification badges are needed for security purposes, you can set up your visitor registration system to print customized guest badges on the spot, using a compatible label printer.

So take a look at your lobby and consider if it’s time to implement better technology. An efficient guest check-in process creates a positive first impression and provides a consistent interface for returning visitors.

It can also free up some of your administrative staff’s time, so they can tackle other responsibilities that may be more impactful and engaging.

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