February 15th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all been there. You’re part of the team tasked with rolling out a new technology, meant to make our lives easier and better, but in the end, it becomes a time drain that leaves you wondering if you can recoup the costs.

In today’s digital workplace it has become business-critical for organizations to develop processes for smooth tech rollouts and for tech providers to create easy onboarding experiences for their customers. So, how can your organization ensure it is set up for success when it comes to introducing new tech to the office? Here’s four questions you should ask with every new tech purchase:

  1. How well does this new technology play with my current tech stack?
  2. What internal resources are be required to get this running?
  3. What is the onboarding experience like and what tools exist to help my team have success?
  4. Does the service provider offer best-in-class support and onboarding?

Understanding the answers to these questions prior to signing a PO is critical to ensure your engagement is setup for success.

Find the Right Fit

As you evaluate new technologies it becomes critical that your current technologies play well with the new tech because not all tech is created equally, nor does it play well with all tech counterparts. Check out this Teem webinar about the importance of integrated tech to learn more about keeping your tech working together.

Identify All the Players on Your Team

In modern organizations, tools and tech rarely touch just one team or individual. A key to your success will be to identify all the players upfront that will use or be involved in the roll-out of new tools. Getting buy-in early and often ensures success through the evaluation phases and support during the roll out.

Setup Tools and Big Wins

At Teem we work with organizations large and small, from Fortune 500 companies with thousands of conference rooms to small shops with just two or three. That organizational disparity means the process of rolling out Teem must be smooth, painless and fast. This is especially crucial when you’re setting up 500 rooms on 79 floors in 8 buildings on 3 campuses. You can see why it matters.

At Teem we recently announced our ‘Quick Add’. In a nutshell, Quick Add makes it fast for you to add and nest campuses, buildings, floors, rooms or desks to your Teem account. The Teem platform has always set the industry standard for building out your campus hierarchy, and with Quick Add it’s setting a new standard for speed and ease of rollout.

Since pushing this feature into the platform, Teem users are raving about how fast they can build out their entire campus. Within minutes a Teem Admin can have the entire hierarchy built and ready to connect individual room calendars to devices. 

Check out this quick video by Polly about Quick Add:

World-Class Tech Support

Even when you’ve planned, executed to the best of your ability and test thoroughly, almost every rollout has its hiccups. That is why best-in-class support is so critical. You need to ensure that your tech partners offer support when you need it and help to sort through any unexpected issues.

At Teem we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading support and service to our customers. Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews on Capterra. 

Whether you’re setting up new technologies or evaluating your existing tech stack, these questions are sure to help guide your rollout and ensure that you make the implementation of new tech a success.

Whether you’d like more information on how Teem can help your business, or want to give it a go for free, a Teem professional is ready and willing to help.



Michael Moulton


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