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How Technology Can Support Your Return to Office Plans for 2022
November 12th, 2021
Return-to-office plans have been pretty stop-and-go for many companies. That being said, as the infection rate of COVID-19 continues to steadily decli...
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How to Create Psychological Safety in a Hybrid Workplace
October 29th, 2021
Even high-performing teams can't reach their full potential unless something else is established first: Psychological safety at work. When that exists...
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Integrating Visitor Management and Access Control
October 22nd, 2021
Throughout any phase of reopening the office, one thing stays the same: Employee and visitor safety is a critical business priority. To welcome your w...
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5 Examples That Show Why Digital Transformation Is Important at Work
October 8th, 2021
If the pandemic had occurred a decade earlier, making the shift to a fully remote workforce would have been much more challenging. Fortunately, the wo...
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4 Key Considerations for Your Return to Work Plan
September 15th, 2021
Tomorrow happened yesterday. For every decision that's being made about your return to the office right now, the future of your workplace is being res...
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5 Conference Room Layout and Design Ideas for 2021
August 27th, 2021
After a prolonged period of time spent attending meetings virtually, people are looking forward to getting back to the office for some good, old-fashi...
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How Conference Room Booking Software Improves Employee Productivity
July 7th, 2021
You've heard of the fear of missing out (FOMO), but have you heard of fear of missing meetings (FOMM)? With many companies reopening their corporate o...
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The Future of Workplace Technology
June 29th, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives, and workplace technology is no exception. As remote work became the new norm, many o...
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What 300 IT Leaders Told Us About Workplace Technology Priorities
June 2nd, 2021
One of the biggest drivers of workplace technology investments in the past 12 months has been the ever-growing need to adapt to working remotely. The ...