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Workplace Design and Strategy
Configuring Conference Room Layouts by Their End Purpose
May 28th, 2020
After  months of attending meetings virtually from our homes, many people are looking forward to getting back to face-to-face collaboration.  The conf...
Workplace Trends
How to Successfully Switch to Desk Hoteling
May 14th, 2020
You’ve circled the company wagons and made the decision to introduce hoteling stations as part of your return-to-work strategy. For the uninitiated, d...
Return To Work
Conference Room Utilization vs True Utilization (And Why It Matters In a Post-Pandemic Workplace)
May 11th, 2020
There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on the way we view real estate. 
Return To Work
Reconfiguration, Renovation or Redesign: What's Right for Your Office in 2021?
April 22nd, 2020
Office space has a big impact on creating a safe, clean office and supporting employee productivity. If your company is currently not meeting expectat...