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Addressing 'The Great Resignation': Are Boomerang Employees the Answer?
December 1st, 2021
For decades, most companies have held onto an arbitrary, "no rehire" rule. The traditional stance was that once an employee left the company, they sho...
Workplace Trends
What Millennials and Gen Z Want in Office Design and Culture
November 26th, 2021
From digital transformation and sustainability initiatives to collaborative layouts and flexible work arrangements — millennials have spent the past d...
Workplace Trends
The Importance of Honesty at Work
October 27th, 2021
We often tell kids that honesty is the best policy. The truth of the matter is that philosophy holds true for employees, too, especially when it comes...
Return To Work
Integrating Visitor Management and Access Control
October 22nd, 2021
Throughout any phase of reopening the office, one thing stays the same: Employee and visitor safety is a critical business priority. To welcome your w...
Workplace Trends
6 Office Digital Signage Trends for 2021
September 8th, 2021
Digital signage is becoming a standard element of the modern workplace. Not only can office digital signage be used to establish your brand’s identity...
Workplace Trends
Welcome Back: The Return of Workplace Visitors
August 20th, 2021
As return plans kick off, the office once again is taking on its role as a hub for collaboration, unity, and company culture. Going from nearly two ye...
Workplace Trends
Post-Pandemic Perks Part 2: Five Employee Benefits Employers Should Offer
July 23rd, 2021
Working 100% from home sounded very appealing to most of us — or at least it did, prior to Spring of 2020. A year and a half of experience later, and ...
Workplace Trends
Post-Pandemic Perks Part 1: 5 Workplace Benefits Employers Should Offer
July 21st, 2021
In pre-pandemic days, when people came to the office they got to enjoy things like happy hours, massages, ice cream runs, free breakfasts, catered lun...
Workplace Trends
Flexible Working and Flexible Workers: A Brief History
June 23rd, 2021
Over the past several years, the implementation of flexible working arrangements has become a staple in top organizations around the world. So where d...