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Paperless HR Streamlines Onboarding
August 25th, 2015
At EventBoard, most of our desks don’t have drawers. I don’t know if this was a conscious choice by our founders or not, but it works because it’s hel...
Workplace Trends
Is Your Workplace Ready for Generation Z? [Infographic]
August 20th, 2015
By 2019, the workforce will include 30 million members of Generation Z. Will your business be ready?
Workplace Trends
Should Improving Unified Communications Be a Priority for Your Business?
July 23rd, 2015
As workers become increasingly mobile, companies need to adapt their technologies to make sure employees can remain productive from a variety of locat...
Workplace Trends
Does Your Organization Have Concerns about Cloud Security?
July 2nd, 2015
If you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of cloud-based services – or if your co-workers have questions or concerns – you’re not alone. Nearly...
Workplace Trends
How Open Floor Plans Change Status in the Workplace
June 12th, 2015
Not long ago, it was easy to tell a person's status in the workplace. You knew when a coworker made it to the top – he or she made the requisite move ...
Workplace Trends
iOS in the Enterprise: Apple's Rise to the Top
March 31st, 2015
It wasn’t that long ago that Apple was all but absent from the enterprise world. Dell, Microsoft, IBM, HP, and Blackberry had a stronghold on the mark...
Workplace Trends
Conference Room Turf Wars: It's Time for a Change
October 16th, 2014
The Wall Street Journal published an article last week titled “New Office Flashpoint: Who Gets the Conference Room?” The focus of the article, as you ...