January 5th, 2017


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First of all, from everyone here at Teem, Happy New Year!

2016 was an amazing year for the EventBoard/Teem team. Clearly some big changes in 2016 including a complete overhaul of the product layout UI/UX, awesome new features, renaming the company, and lots of backend magic to ensure our product is best-in-class.

Now we don’t have time to look at everything we rolled out in 2016, but we wanted to give you a quick look at some of the big wins of 2016 and a quick peek at what to expect in 2017.

2016 New Teem Features

EventBoard is Now Teem—Full UI/UX Update


As you know by now, in November of 2016 EventBoard was renamed to Teem (Learn more about that here). With that came some incredible updates to the management dashboard of the Teem product. It’s so much more than new colors and a logo. We rebuilt the flow from the ground up to make sure that managing your Teem deployment is easier than ever.

Insights Platform and API


The right insights can provide that “ah ha” moment and give you the secret weapon to being a rock star at your job. Collecting scores of data adds no value until someone is able to process that data and provide actionable intelligence on what it means and how it affects your business. So in 2016 that is exactly what we did.

With our insights platform and data API, we give you access to everything. It’s your data, after all, so do what you want with it using our open API! While you do, we’ll take the numbers and crunch them for you and serve it back to you with insights surrounding your business and the way your team meets.

Teem Desks

Thanks to organizations like Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, the concept of desk hoteling is getting a lot of publicity. The new Teem Desks solution offers the benefits of unassigned seating but with the reliability of bookable spaces. With Desk amenities you can also know before you book if the desk has the tools you need—like a monitor or phone, standing or seated desk.

Integration Platform and Seemless Integrations

In 2016 we built out the Teem integrations platform and began working with technologies like Box, Dropbox, Slack, Jira, Hipchat and others to create native integrations with the Teem platform.

Native integrations with Google, Exchange, and Office 365 have been core to our product since the early days of EventBoard—but now with integrations and webhooks you have even more control of your office technologies.

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Your teams are using their mobile phones more and more to do their work. But traditionally, booking meetings or other events from your phone has been a painful experience. In 2016 we launched our Teem Mobile app for Android and iOS, making it easier than ever for team members to coordinate meetings and rooms in the palm of their hand.

Flightboard and FlightBoard Maps


Flightboard was one of the big surprises of 2016. We thought it was cool, customers thought it was amazing! Since we launched the first iteration early last year we’ve been hearing rave reviews from customers that love the at-a-glance availability view. Now for premium customers with Maps, you can have a Flightboard view that integrates maps and shows room availability, office layout, and annotations (drinking fountains, bathrooms, etc.) giving you a full view of the office floor.

Custom Image Themes


The ability to customize your displays has long been a strong suit for Teem. Last year we took another leap forward in this area with completely revamped standard themes and now the ability to swap out background images at an individual room level. Now Chewy, Jabba, Leia and Han can have a display as unique as their character.

Zombie Meetings®

Twenty years. That’s how long the typical recurring meeting is scheduled if no end date is set. When those meetings are no-shows or when someone leaves the company those meetings stay on the calendar with no way to delete them. We call them Zombies. And now with our Zombie Meetings® feature, you have the ability to kill the undead and give that time back to your living, breathing employees.

What’s to come in 2017

So 2016 is going to hard to top, it was an amazing year with a lot of incredible improvements. But we are nowhere near done. Our goal is to help you create a frictionless working environment for your team.

In 2017 you’ll see an expanded emphasis on deep and impactful integrations that create harmony in your tech. You’ll see even more insights and intelligence about how your people, places, and technology come together to create a cohesive workplace. Then bringing those insights and integrations together to help automate the office experience and remove the day-to-day friction that keeps your team from reaching their full potential.

It’s going to be a big year, we can’t wait to take this ride with you!


Michael Moulton


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