June 22nd, 2020


Create A Safer Workplace By Implementing Physical Distancing

Unless you’re a newcomer to the Teem site (and if you are, welcome!), you’ve probably noticed that we have a new look and a new name in our logo.

So, who is iOFFICE and what does this mean for you?

Where we’ve come from

Teem is no stranger to rapid change. Founded six years ago as a meeting space booking app startup, the company has evolved from a single product — EventBoard® conference room reservation displays — to an ecosystem of employee-focused meeting tools and workplace analytics.

As with most startups, Teem was born from an idea that offers an innovative solution to a common challenge. In our case, that challenge was common enough that our solution resonated widely with investors and some high-profile fans, including customers like AirBnb and Uber. It also caught the attention of global coworking giant WeWork, who acquired us in 2018.

When workplace tech leader iOFFICE subsequently acquired Teem in January 2020, customers, employees, and others with an interest in Teem weren’t sure what to expect. We’ve since discovered that we were on the brink of a year of unanticipated shifts, from the coronavirus pandemic and associated economic challenges to socio-political unrest in the U.S. and around the world.

Not surprisingly, Teem has thrived again through this uncertain time. In an article for Forbes, management consultant Dan Pontefract explains that “the real aim of ‘fail fast, fail often,’ is not to fail, but to be iterative,” and that organizations taking this approach “must ensure it is not at the expense of creative or critical thinking.” This sums up the Teem culture and how a relatively young company has continued to innovate in a way that’s allowed us to successfully navigate significant change.

While the uncharted can be challenging, it’s shown us what we’re made of and brought us closer. Those who visited us in the historic Sweet Candy building in downtown Salt Lake City know we like to have fun, whether it’s taking the slide instead of the stairs, supporting pride and International Women’s Day, or celebrating wins by ringing a full-sized gong. We’re also united by our drive to find new ways to make workplaces work better to improve productivity, efficiency, and happiness.

We’ve retained this tenacity from our early days as we’ve grown our platform into a workplace experience solution encompassing room and desk reservations, wayfinding, visitor management, and insights. This is the foundation of our connection with iOFFICE.

Getting to know iOFFICE

iOFFICE’s founders developed one of the first workplace management systems in the early 2000s. From identifying a need for corporate copy and mail delivery, asset tracking, and facility management software, iOFFICE expanded into a detailed workplace space and move planning tool, and ultimately into the 10 modules in place today. The core drive behind iOFFICE is a passion for creating tools that bridge the gaps between digital and physical workplace experiences. Sound familiar?

In 2019, iOFFICE acquired two companies that now comprise our organization’s Asset Division: ManagerPlus and Hippo CMMS. Hippo, a Canada-based computerized maintenance management system software company, helps customers migrate from manually tracking facility equipment repairs to automating work orders and preventive maintenance schedules. ManagerPlus is a complete enterprise asset management platform that industrial manufacturers, construction companies, and vehicle fleet managers use to optimize their equipment and maintain regulatory compliance.

Teem and iOFFICE make up the company’s Workplace Division, rounding out a deep portfolio of cloud-based workplace and asset solutions covering aspects from employee and visitor experience to back-of-house operations and insights. We have offices in the U.S. and Canada, as well as full-time remote employees, and a growing presence in Europe and APAC.

Why better together is better for you

The iOFFICE family is linked by a common mission:

Creating the most responsive, frictionless workplaces everywhere.


We will be known as the leading tech company that makes work more productive and engaging by connecting data, people, and things.

And core values:

  • Act with integrity
  • Customer commitment
  • Innovate passionately
  • Make a positive impact
  • Own the outcome

Within the Workplace Division, this translates to improving employee experience to meaningfully impact businesses, or (as Teem has stated many times) eliminating hurdles to productivity and enabling exceptional workplace experiences. But what does that really mean?

Whether you’re concerned with employee satisfaction and remaining competitive in the war for talent, reducing A/V tech complaints, lowering real estate costs by converting unused rooms, or understanding how people move throughout and use your space, we are continually developing and refining tools to enable your success.

Under one unified leadership team, iOFFICE and Teem work together to serve more than 3,000 combined customers and their millions of employees around the world.

We regularly solicit their feedback through surveys, direct outreach, and our Workplace Division Customer Advisory Board, which includes representatives from industries such as health care and manufacturing. That input helps us understand their goals and concerns so we can prioritize features on our product development roadmap.

We have dedicated employees who believe in bringing people, places, and technology together to create better experiences for these businesses, wherever works takes place. Take a look:

Director of Global Customer Support Austin Miller, who’s been part of Teem since early 2018, says “Our culture at iOFFICE has been one of the most collaborative I have seen. I am so proud to be a part of our bigger iOFFICE family and team where we have chosen to be winners, to dominate success on our teams, and to show up 110%. This is what it means to win as a team!”

What’s next

In May, we released Space-Right™, a space planning feature for physical distancing that helps workplace leaders plan their post-pandemic office re-entry strategies. This represents the first major new functionality developed by a cross-functional team of product engineers, designers, and project managers from Teem and iOFFICE. We’re also collaborating to integrate the Teem platform with iOFFICE’s robust Hummingbird employee experience app.

With iOFFICE, Teem is expanding our ability to empower organizations alongside people who share not only our vision, but also our software development capabilities. That means delivering more tools to help you manage your future workplace.



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