August 6th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

The Teem Chrome Extension is now live, the Teem Outlook Add-in got a makeover, and all of our plugins now offer Meeting Services. Learn more below.

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Teem Calendar Plugins
Teem Plugins make meeting planning and collaboration simpler than ever by bringing powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use tools right into the calendars your employees are already using. With Teem Plugins, every laptop and desktop becomes an extension of the same benefits you’ve seen with Teem Room Displays, Maps, and Flightboard. Easily find and book available spaces for planned and ad hoc meetings without wandering the halls looking for somewhere to meet. Filter for room size and amenities, so you have the right space for your meeting.

Here’s what’s new:

The Teem Chrome Extension is Live

The Teem Chrome Extension does everything the Outlook Add-in does…and more! This Teem Plugin is unique in that it’s the first of our plugins to include a drop-down menu that lives in the browser toolbar. From there, users can conveniently view their schedule for the day, see what spaces are available now or will be available soon for quick-booking, and create new events.


The Teem Outlook Add-in got a Makeover
The Teem Add-in still does all of your favorite things. It just got an upgrade. New UI makes the add-in easier to navigate, and the new format clearly displays available and unavailable spaces. Room photos now give employees delightful visuals while browsing for the right space. And Room Information, just a click away, shows a room’s photo, upcoming schedule, capacity, amenities, and oh yes, Meeting Services.

New Feature for Teem Plugins: Meeting Services
Meeting Services ensure that employees have everything they need for an upcoming event. This feature allows employees to request services for upcoming meetings or events regarding items such as catering, A/V setup, room setup, and more. With this feature, employees always get the help they need to fully prepare for their upcoming events.

Learn more about Teem Calendar Plugins and find the perfect fit.




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