August 7th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

User-friendly, Enterprise-ready
 Teem + Crestron partnership brings you the best of both worlds: Crestron’s enterprise-ready hardware integrated with intuitive Teem scheduling tools and workplace analytics. 

Purpose-built and scalable

The Teem 2018 partnership goes beyond Teem running on Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Screens. As a Crestron enterprise partner, Teem also integrates with Crestron Occupancy Sensors, allowing organizations to better support impromptu meetings and understand their ad hoc utilization. And to make collaborating even simpler, Crestron Meeting Room Availability Signs and Light Bars allow employees to see the status of a Teem room at a glance. Best of all, these combinations are backed by Crestron’s award-winning global support.

Take a look at a few hardware combinations the Teem + Crestron Enterprise Partner offer.




Introducing Finder for Navigation and Wayfinding
The New and Improved Mobile App
The new and improved mobile app, dubbed “Teem – Collaborate & Connect,” is now ready for download. The new app makes Check-in even easier (automatic, even!) and offers smarter ways to find spaces to book. This also means that the...
Ch-Ch-Changes Coming Soon for Teem Workplace Insights
Over the next coming months, we’re making some changes to Teem Workplace Insights. Primarily, we’ll be redesigning, and in some cases, removing old reports while delivering completely new reports to help optimize your workplace. In the coming weeks, you’ll also see the...

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