November 1st, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Teem’s phone app, now available on iOS and Android, lets any employee at any Teem-powered company find available rooms and desks in an instant.Teem puts the fundamental scheduling benefits of our platform right into your pocket, so you have it when you’re on the go.

Let’s say you’re standing in the hall with two coworkers, talking about the big project due next week. Things start to get serious and you need to huddle away, but can’t find a room. Pull out Teem, select the amount of time you need, and see a list of available spaces near you. Done. Bam. Now get that project finished just as easily.


The things we think you’ll love most:

– See room and desk availability right on the home screen
– Only see results for the building and floors where you spend your time
– Find and reserve a room in three taps
– Choose by available amenities like TV, Chromecast and whiteboard
– Invite other people
– Find a time later in the day or week
– See upcoming events
– Get turn-by-turn directions with our Aruba/Meridian integration
– Book a room touch-free just by holding your phone to the beacon
– You can even set up parking spaces to view availability and reserve one before you leave your house

Noah Singer has been running product development for the better part of a decade. He joined Teem (formerly EventBoard) in early 2016 to help a crack team of developers ship the most valuable product to the most people possible.


Michael Moulton


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