July 16th, 2018


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

New Integration
We’ve got some big news! We just released a sensor integration to make your workflow simpler. Sensors monitor space utilization to create more responsive, connected, and intelligent workspaces. Book rooms and huddle spaces, check into meetings, end no-shows, and more, all without having to push any buttons.

How Sensors Work with Teem
Without interrupting an employee’s workflow, sensors will automatically

  • Book spaces as they become occupied.
  • Show the current status of open and in-use spaces on calendars and other Teem tools.
  • Remove meetings from the calendar that end early, freeing up meeting spaces so that they can be used by others.
  • Cancel no-show meetings if no one shows up to a scheduled event.
  • Integrate their data with Teem Insights to provide reports filled with actionable analytics on space utilization and meeting behavior.
  • Check people into meetings when they show up for their scheduled meetings.

Enhance Huddle Space Experience

Ad hoc spaces are flexible areas that support spontaneous collaboration. Wouldn’t it be nice to make ad hoc spaces easier to find and book for employees? With sensors, ad hoc booking is done automatically just by walking into an available space. Our integration connects sensors to Teem so the availability of a huddle space can be visible within employee calendars and other Teem tools like EventBoard or Flightboard.

In addition to making ad hoc spaces more visible to employees, our sensor integration creates data-rich opportunities for your IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams. How often are those types of spaces being used and for how long? Sensors collect space utilization data for conference rooms and huddle spaces, and Teem includes that data in actionable Insights reports.


We’re proud to partner with Enlighted, Crestron, and Current, powered by GE, to bring the digital and physical workplaces together.


Jade Frampton


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