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Our driving mission at Teem is to provide solutions that improve your workplace experience. To do that, we create meeting space management tools to drive greater productivity, efficiency, and happiness for your employees.

Six months ago, we added a whole lot of rocket fuel to our mission when we joined the WeWork family.

WeWork is known for its beautiful workspaces. With lots of natural light, prime locations, and a built-in community for networking, WeWork’s initial clientele included freelancers, startups, and remote employees. While that membership base expanded to include enterprises, the focus has always been to create a workplace that improves productivity, encourages collaboration, and ultimately, creates an engaging environment that makes people excited to come to work each day.

Together, we understand the power of technology to connect space with people, whether we’re serving members in WeWork locations or supporting you with Teem in your own offices.

“Acquiring Teem means bringing in a talented group of over 100 people to help us create a better, more efficient workplace experience for enterprises around the globe,” says Shiva Rajaraman, WeWork’s chief product officer. “We are committed to helping companies deliver an amazing employee experience every day and everywhere.”

With Teem, WeWork can better serve all enterprises, whether or not they’re a current WeWork member. Teem’s space optimization solutions are universally beneficial for enabling great work, no matter an organization’s physical footprint.

The future of work

We’re always striving to get better and you’ll see those efforts throughout 2019 as we continue to update our offerings. We love hearing from our customers. That feedback is helping us bring improved ways to book and locate meeting rooms, additional integration with new technologies, and more insights about space usage.

We think the future is amazing. And together with WeWork, we’re excited to bring further innovations to the workplace.