July 9th, 2021


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The truth is that people do, in fact, judge books by their covers. Whether you’re talking about curb appeal or job interviews — heck, even first dates — there’s value in making a good first impression.

Many factors influence how we size things up. The temperature of a room. A job candidate’s resume. Someone’s table manners. The list goes on. For your office visitors, opinions about your business start to form from the moment they enter the front doors of your office. A rough arrival is like a domino that can set off a chain of negative effects.

When things start off on the wrong foot, it’s hard to recover from the impact. You might be wondering — how can I ace the first impression visitors have of our office?

We’re here to illustrate what a streamlined arrival process looks like when it’s powered by the right visitor management software.

Streamline the arrival process with visitor management

You have a tenth of a second to make a good impression

The reality is that it’s just human nature to make immediate inferences on our environments based on the data that’s available to us. You may have heard that people make snap judgments within the first minutes of meeting someone. But actually, according to Princeton researchers Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, first impressions can be made within a tenth of a second.

No matter how breathtaking your lobby design may be, a less-than-favorable experience can derail visitor’s impressions.

First impressions can shape the overall experience, so the initial interaction matters. You only get one chance to get the first interaction people have with your space right, so make sure it counts.

Be prepared for every type of office visitor

The best visitor management systems facilitate smooth arrivals whether the visitor is expected or unexpected. For the former type of visitor, think job candidates and vendors, the person at your company who is hosting the meeting can pre-register their guests. That way, they will automatically be sent a calendar invite filled with everything they need to know about their upcoming visit.


For the latter, solutions such as Teem’s native LobbyConnect app allows guests to select visitor type as they begin the check-in process. This way, you’ll prompt them with the right questions — such as making sure they haven’t recently exhibited any symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19 — and then notify the appropriate people.

Common visitor types include deliveries, service providers, catering, and job candidates.

After the visitor selects the option that corresponds with the nature of their visit, they’re presented with questions and/or relevant forms (like NDAs).

Improve convenience and boost visitor experience

Once signed, you can choose to save the forms to Box or Dropbox — where you can keep them for your records and speed up the check-in process the next time the guest visits your office.

If your company requires badges for visitors, you can integrate your visitor management software with a badge printer. With Teem’s wireless printer integrations, guests can snap a quick selfie and receive a customized visitor badge with their name, photo, and other details that you decide to print will generate automatically.

You can choose to enhance the guest experience one step further by providing Wi-Fi access information upon check-in. Integrating your visitor management system with tools that enable this functionality helps deliver secure, automated WiFi access to those visiting your office.

Once the visitor completes checking in, a notification will be sent to their host via SMS, email, or chat. At this point, they can make sure they’re on time to greet their guest and get started on the right foot.

Using visitor management systems to increase security

Unfortunately, not everyone who comes into your workplace is necessarily a welcome guest. That’s when a watchlist of these potential security threats integrated into your visitor management system becomes critical. With it, you can discreetly perform security checks.

Keeping your building secure becomes easier with a visitor management system that sends email alerts when a prospective visitor matches your watchlist.

Take Teem’s visitor management system, for instance, when someone checks in that matches a predetermined list of contacts, an email alert is sent to the address you’ve designated. If your company already has a security platform, you can also integrate that with your visitor management software using webhooks.

Visitor management features for a smoother check-in process

While the arrival process seems effortless for guests and their hosts, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes inside the visitor management system. The process above takes mere moments, but there are more than a dozen features that make it possible:

  • Visitor Types
  • Record Filters
  • Custom NDAs
  • Badge Printing
  • Background Images
  • Company Logo
  • SMS and Email Notifications
  • Chat Plugins
  • Storage Plugins
  • ClearPass Integration
  • Webhooks
  • Calendar System Integration
  • Cloud-Based Dashboard

Finding a visitor management solution that meets all of those requirements may sound like a tall order, but we have the solution for you right here. It’s the Teem visitor management system and it’s the perfect way to ensure you’re making the right first impression with your lobby. Try it for free for 15 days and see the transformation for yourself!

Visitor management during the COVID-19 era

A virtual concierge isn’t just convenient. It also helps take quick action towards security and health risks. And given the current crisis, that’s more important than ever.

For the time being, COVID — and in particular, the highly contagious Delta variation — remains a concern. If a case comes up, do you have a way to quickly identify where potential exposure spots were based on how a carrier passed throughout the building? If not, how can you be sure what spaces require sanitization?

Do you have a reliable way to determine who needs to be notified and how to get in contact with them? If not, contact tracing is going to be difficult and delayed. With digital visitor logs that securely keep records of your guests, their contact information, and where they visited, the process becomes less of a challenge.

With a modern visitor management solution, it won’t take long to identify where someone who tested positive for COVID may have gone while they were in your space, and which employees and visitors they may have encountered.

What does your visitor management system say about your office security and guest experience? We can help make sure you’re making a great first impression. Got a few minutes? Request a demo to see it for yourself.

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