November 7th, 2019


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

It’s a big problem

Every year, Americans spend over 160 million workdays every year looking for conference rooms, desks, and their colleagues. It sounds absurd, but when you take a closer look at the data, it’s actually quite believable (and relatable).

An Office Worker Survey conducted in 2017 found that “4 out of 10 workers spend as much as 60 minutes every week searching for available desks, conference rooms, and colleagues.”

When you scale that across the 60 million office workers in America, you get over 160 million workdays wasted every year. That’s over 1 billion hours. And comes at a breathtaking cost of 27.5 billion dollars.

We all can relate

Unfortunately, we’ve all been in this scenario before.  And they usually look something like this: 

The “new person” card

It’s never a problem to ask for directions when you’re new, but when you’re asking Tony for directions to Conference Room A for the sixth time, you know you’re pushing the limits – especially if you’ve already been at the company for six months. It’s probably time for a new strategy.

Walk around aimlessly, but look casual

The first time you walk around the floor looking for your conference room, it’s not a big deal. But when you start lap two, and then that becomes lap four, it can start to look a bit ridiculous. You’re trying to look deliberate and hide the face of confusion, but that only lasts until someone finally pulls their head and says, “Are you lost?”

The fire escape map

As a last attempt to avoid asking Tony or endlessly walking around the floor again, you consult the only map on the floor: the fire escape map. Using a poorly placed “you are here” marker and some confusing reference points, you just might make it. But you’ll most likely be late and still confused next time you have to locate a room.

Introducing Finder

There’s a better way to find your conference room on time, and decrease the amount of time you spend every week being lost in your own office. 

And that’s Finder. 

Inspired by airport flight status monitors, Finder shows an organization’s real-time status for shared spaces such as meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and more.

These shared spaces can be displayed as a list or interactive map anywhere in your office – from digital signage to a kiosk in high-traffic areas.

Finder helps reduce the one billion hours American workers spend every year trying to find conference rooms, coworkers, and desks in their office space. 

With Finder, you can; 

  • Use interactive maps to discover, book, and navigate to available space.
  • Gain immediate insight and into what rooms are currently available or booked.
  • Customize your view: Choose whether your floor is displayed as an interactive map or a list of rooms and resources. 
  • and more.

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