November 30th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

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We've been working to expand distribution options for work requests submitted through Teem, so that our users can access that data in the platforms that make it most actionable for their organization. Originally, when a work request was filed, it was sent to a single email address (an individual or a distribution list). We followed that up with the addition of an integration with JIRA, which created a JIRA ticket for each work request. Now, we're introducing webhooks for work request data so that you can push work request data to your platform of choice!

Our new webhook will push to the URL of your choosing (such as your helpdesk ticketing system) and the payload includes the following data to help your team quickly resolve issues so that you can keep your conference rooms productive:

  • Floor
  • Building name
  • Building ID
  • Room name
  • Room ID
  • Campus name
  • Campus ID
  • Organization name
  • Organization ID
  • Description
  • Timestamp
  • Resource name
  • Resource ID

Let us know how you use our webhook for work requests – the best use cases may make their way into a native feature!


Michael Moulton

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