April 25th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

As an IT or facilities manager, you’re responsible for nearly all technical implementation and management in your organization. That’s a lot to keep up with and you need tools to make it even remotely possible.

We have a saying we follow around here: “If it isn’t measured, it isn’t managed.” So to help keep an eye on the changes going on in your office, we’ve created Activity Stream for the EventBoard platform.

Activity Stream is available only to users with admin permissions. It shows what’s going on within your EventBoard account, primarily focused around device settings. You’ll see things like new device provisioning, name changes for buildings, floors, spaces and devices, and login/logout activity. You’ll see if a display theme was changed or if a LobbyConnect setting was adjusted.

It’s a real-time stream of all changes to settings, in one central spot. You will not see meeting activity, personal calendar information, emails or messages.

Flightboard So, if device settings get changed or things aren’t working quite as expected, take a look in the Activity Stream and get it all sorted out in no time.

And we’re not resting here at EventBoard – we’re already thinking ahead to what’s next. Imagine integrations with services like PagerDuty, to alert you right away if certain changes are made. We invite you to submit integration ideas to your customer service manager, or through this integration suggestion form, and we’ll be in touch with you about future development.


Michael Moulton


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