June 1st, 2017


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Last week I sent the following message over to a colleague of mine:

“Would you be interested in/have the time by next Wed to write a short note on why Teem is such a great place to work that we could use in a blog post about the Inc thing?”

The “Inc thing” was Teem being featured by Inc. Magazine as one of the country’s Best Places to work. The response I received was so well put, that I thought it best to leave it here:

You may ask me, “why is Teem such a great place to work?” In order to answer that question, I need to take you on a journey.

I was managing a small customer service department before I came to Teem. On paper, my previous company had all the right pieces to be a great place to work. The company was projected to have rapid sales growth, there was a lot of public recognition for a start up, my career path was laid out and ready to be conquered.


The expectations laid out did not line up with reality. After tirelessly working there for about a year and a half, I had to assess my situation. I knew that I was not happy and that I did not enjoy coming to work. My previous company did not support me in my role; I had no resources, no support and no way to reward my team. Above all, we were treated like workers that needed to keep our heads down and punch a clock, instead of humans that needed balance, motivation, and passion.

Shortly after leaving my previous job, I interviewed at Teem. At the time Teem consisted of five employees (including both co-founders). Five incredibly talented strangers that I have great admiration for. They were thrilled to share what they had been working on and their eyes lit up when I asked them questions. I accepted the job offer immediately. Within my first week, the five strangers that had hired me, were my friends. I felt like we were all in this together.

So what makes Teem such a great place to work?

Teem is a sympathetic, employee-driven, fun place. The culture is one that is driven by passion. Passion for the work we do; passion for the friends we work with; passion for results we create. Teem celebrates each employee, we celebrate career growth, hobbies, quirks and all of life’s milestones together. It’s truly a place where we believe each person hired, was hired strategically to add to our product and culture, so we place trust in each other. 

Teem is now sitting just under 100 employees and with such substantial growth, the culture is always evolving, but the message that we are all in this together still drives the company. Knowing that we are all empowered, trusted, happy and having fun is what makes Teem such a great place to work!

– Miki Loveless, HR Director at Teem

*takes a bow*
*wipes tears off cheek*
*thanks mom*


Michael Moulton


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