February 4th, 2020


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Teem’s very own Blake Hunsaker is the featured guest on episode 93 of the iOFFICE Workplace Innovator podcast. Host Mike Petrusky and our director of global sales discuss the recent acquisition and the new partnership between iOFFICE and Teem. Mike and Blake also dive into topics such as their mutual interests in music, books, and working with customers to create connected workspace experiences that drive better business outcomes.

They agree that employees and workplace visitors expect a more user-friendly experience from software they use and they recognize the power of data and analytics for workplace leaders when managing real estate portfolios.

Check out the episode below or get it on Apple Podcasts.




(Re)introducing Teem by iOFFICE
Unless you’re a newcomer to the Teem site (and if you are, welcome!), you’ve probably noticed that we have a new look and a new name in our logo. So, who is iOFFICE and what does this mean for you?
How Teem is Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Teem Is the Latest to Join iOFFICE
Have you heard the news? Teem and iOFFICE have joined forces!

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