September 18th, 2017


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

New experience and sunsetting Legacy Reports

At Teem we’re constantly trying to craft the most impactful experience for our customers. Our mission is to help our customers improve the workplace experience with frictionless tools and actionable data.

Our product offering has grown and as it’s grown it begun to suffer from a lack of continuity. Users had multiple interfaces, sometimes telling them different things, and no ability to validate the numbers for themselves. We decided the best way to fix this is to redesign the data experience entirely.

New data platform experience

The first change you’ll see is that Legacy Reports is going away. Starting November 15, 2017 Legacy Reports will no longer exist; there will only be Workplace Insights. For those customers that do not have access to our Insights engine, you will be able to download basic platform data. The data available in the download is the same data currently found in Legacy Reports.

For the customers more serious about improving their workplace experience, Insights will include deeper analysis around the unique culture employed in each of your office locations.

Data support for local calendars update

Another cause of our continuity problem was the fact that we had two different data pipelines. This sometimes resulted in different answers from Legacy Reports and Insights. We are shutting down the Legacy data pipeline as well so all data on Insights flows through the same architecture.

Because the legacy data pipeline handled data from local calendars, we will no longer offer data or analysis for any local calendars. If you want workplace data, you’ll need to upgrade your calendar setup to use the recommended calendar sync method. Here’s a link to learn more about Exchange and Google calendar set up. If you choose to keep your calendars local to the EventBoard room displays they will still function, but Teem won’t be able to process the data on these calendars into data you can leverage.

The future is amazing

We’re really excited for the future of Insights and hope you like the changes that are coming. Stay tuned for updates!





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