January 6th, 2021


How IT Leaders Can Support a Safe Return to Work

Going into a new year, there’s a lot of unknowns that make preparing for the rest of the year’s workplace experience especially challenging. Fortunately, you don’t have to go the journey alone.

We’ve compiled a list of our top resources to help human resources, information technology, facilities management, and workplace experience leaders enter the new year — and the new era of your workplace.

Here’s our roundup of the most-read articles, top tips and tools, and best practices for navigating 2021.

Top reads for IT leaders

Information technology has an  increasingly broad spectrum of responsibilities — including hardware, software, infrastructure, networking, support, and administration involved in the management, collection, storage, exchange, protection, and security of company data.

The global health crisis led to an unprecedented rate of digital adoption, which means there has been a lot of pressure on IT teams to help keep the workforce — and the business — afloat.

Now more than ever before, there’s a higher sense of urgency to establish a competitive edge by optimizing business operations and bridging the gap between the physical and digital aspects of the workplace.

But don’t expect the trend to slow down once the pandemic ends.

IT leaders are the key to taking organizations from surviving in 2020 to thriving in 2021.

In the future, you’ll continue to see the acceleration of digital transformation efforts including HR technology and workplace analytics. That’s a major reason why IT leaders are the key to taking organizations from surviving in 2020 to thriving in 2021.

Whether you’re reprioritizing your technology strategy to include flexible solutions that scale, considering strategic IT investments to support the hybrid workforce, integrating your systems to become a fully connected enterprise, or providing leaders with the insights they need to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions — here are some resources to help you prepare to take any IT challenge head-on.

Top reads for HR leaders

For those using HR technology, supporting a fully remote workforce has been particularly difficult. The pandemic has influenced more than just where your workforce is located; it’s changed how you communicate with them and introduced more challenges across both their personal and professional lives.

There’s also the challenge of how to recreate the serendipitous chat around the metaphorical water cooler.

For most of us, the majority — if not all — of work communication currently happens via email, phone, or chat and video conferencing platforms like Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Over the course of the year, virtual conferencing tools have become a staple for team meetings, one-on-ones, and company all-hands.

HR leaders are going to act as the main force of change toward a more collaborative, dynamic, and human-centered work environment.

Even with improvements and new features, something about talking to colleagues as you stare at little boxes on a computer screen just doesn’t quite live up to the real experience of a face-to-face meeting. It’s even worse when someone forgets to mute their mic, has a weak Internet connection, or can’t find a quiet room to take a call.

It’s no wonder most people look forward to being back in the office for at least part of their work week.

When it’s time for your workforce to return, these articles cover best practices for every phase of your reopening and walk you through how to create a safer environment and better employee experience.

As enterprises rush to set their companies up for success, HR leaders will continue to be tasked with several new roles and different responsibilities than traditionally fell under their purview.

HR leaders are going to act as the main force of change in creating a more collaborative, dynamic, and human-centered work environment.

There’s a greater push toward an interdisciplinary approach, where HR works alongside IT, FM, and workplace experience teams to quickly tackle challenges, knock down barriers between departments and information, and allow a more holistic approach to business strategies.

Top reads for workplace leaders (facilities and experience)

Facilities managers have always been reliable problem solvers, and workplace experience leaders have long been the driving force behind adaptability in the workplace. When you’re managing from the office, things run smoothly.

People know what to do and what’s expected, you can monitor and manage the workplace in real time using workplace wayfinding and visitor management systems, and you have the data insights that make planning ahead easier and more strategic. In other words, everything functions as it should.

But last year your skills were put to the ultimate test.

You faced a new, unforeseen challenge. And it has shaken up the ways of managing the workplace that you were used to. What you expected last year to look like was probably vastly different from what you got.

Now, workplace leaders should seize the opportunity to stay steps ahead of changing circumstances and prepare for the impact the pandemic will have on the future of the workplace. 

If you’re like most workplace leaders, you’re probably rethinking what the physical workplace means and what role it will play if the future of work is hybrid. Before you get too far along, take a step back. What you need now is a good vantage point. If you’re too close, it’s hard to make any discernable connections.

Catch up on these articles for insights that can help you move past the disruptions of last year and into a new frontier.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, the office was riddled with inefficiencies. Now, digital transformation efforts have ramped up, more work processes are automated, and a growing number of devices and systems keep us all connected from anywhere.

Employees have new expectations on where, when, and how they’ll work. There’s also new preferences on what tools they use while they work, depending on where they are and what they’re working on. More than anything, the new era of the workforce calls for more choice, flexibility, and connection.

Now, workplace leaders should seize the opportunity to stay steps ahead of changing circumstances and prepare for the impact the pandemic will have on the future of the workplace.

Finding a better way forward for the new year

Modern enterprises are stepping away from 2020 with a higher sense of urgency to adopt innovative solutions and develop the ability to pivot quickly in response to a changing environment.

With a dispersed workforce that can work from anywhere, you need workplace technology that’s easy to use from their homes and the office, on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

We’ve always created our solutions with those goals in mind to help IT, HR, FM, and workplace experience teams stay connected in the most useful, productive, and supportive ways possible. And as last year unfolded, Teem stayed busy working on new and better ways to keep your employees connected in the future.

Whatever 2021 brings, we’ll be here to support your business and your people throughout the journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s in store for the future of the workplace, check out the Workplace Innovator podcast for expert insights, tips and tricks, and a little bit of singing.

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