October 11th, 2016


13 Workplace Analytics Every IT Leader Should Track

Your business is growing fast, and we want to be sure we are right there with you. We’ve listened to months of great feedback and are happy to roll out significant improvements to the dashboard. These changes make it cleaner, simpler and easier to manage organizations large and small.

Let’s walk through some highlights:

Overview Page

  • Number of calendar accounts
  • Number of rooms and locations
  • Number of devices
  • Number of visitors today
  • Billing info
  • Number of users and groups
  • Recent activity
  • Support contact info


  • Updated terminology to better represent what you’re doing
  • Responsive design adapts to any screen size
  • Secondary navigation supports the content on the page
  • Category tree for campus, building, floor, space, device
  • Slick icons



  • You can adjust settings at any level with a new drawer. The purpose of the drawer is to not lose context of where you are, and quickly make changes and get back to what you were doing.
  • You can edit names, descriptions, license status, calendars, amenities and more from this drawer.



  • The devices view is great! You can view all vital info on a single screen and compare devices against each other.
  • You can easily adjust device settings in the new drawer on the right
  • License status
  • App version
  • Operating system version
  • Status
  • Uptime
  • Battery
  • Last ping


Add Buildings, Floors, Spaces and Devices in a Flash

  • Quickly add new buildings, floors, spaces and devices with a tap on the ( + ) icon
  • It’s insane, it’s so easy. Growth is hard enough for a business, but this part is easy as pie.


  • Previously Inheritance, Overrides are set at the master level and will be the defaults whenever you add floors, spaces or devices. Of course, you can also change a devices settings at a lower level, but this keeps everything consistent to start.
  • For example, you could set “Require check-in” on the room displays for an entire building, but for a specific floor you could override that and not require it.
  • Overrides are available for both EventBoard room displays and LobbyConnect displays.

EventBoard display override settings:


LobbyConnect override settings:

Third Party Apps

  • We’ve consolidated our third party apps into the Integrations section, because well … that’s why they are.
  • User management
  • Calendar management
  • Plus all sorts of cool integrations for document storage, notifications, facilities management and webhooksoverrides_for_LC-1

Product Update Notifications

  • We roll out changes several times a week. Some are big, some are small. Some are new features, some are improvements and some are bug fixes.
  • Regardless, stay up to date with our always improving products with a new Changelog that will give you subtle notification each time there’s something new.
  • We also recommend that you subscribe to receive Product Updates blog notifications to your email by using the sign-up form on this page.


Developer Portal

  • We’ve given our developer portal a facelift, too.
  • It’s far easier to navigate and you’ll see many more APIs and endpoints become available so you can get magical with your own crack team of developers.


It’s a big step forward but still just the beginning of an entire platform built to optimize your people, places and technology.


Michael Moulton


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