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Airbnb designs the workplace of the future in their San Francisco offices with the help of Teem.

Design & Technology in Workplace of the Future

In August 2017, we welcomed visitors to Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters to discuss their approach to office technology, their overall space design philosophy, and how they’re working with Teem to create “the workplace of the future.” Not only did we get the chance to glean valuable insights from the brilliant minds at Airbnb, but we also got to enjoy the fruits of their efforts: a beautiful and thoughtfully planned workplace.




Welcome to Airbnb HQ

After entering the building in the heart of San Francisco and passing through the reception area, visitors are greeted by a massive sunlit atrium. Here, employees and visitors alike can work and gather in a variety of seating areas. Sleek architecture and copious seating options aside, arguably the star of the atrium is the massive “living wall” that brings much-needed greenery into the workplace.




We kicked off the event with a dinner at Airbnb’s cafeteria. But, as you might expect, it’s not your ordinary break room. Once again, sunlight bathes the space filled with both long communal and small round tables, so everyone can eat where they’re comfortable. If you thought free coffee was good, Airbnb’s cafeteria boasts dozens of different beers on-tap. Can you spot the “bleachers” tucked along the wall? This cafeteria pulls double duty as an additional large-scale meeting and event space.




The Experts Take the Stage

With full stomachs, we filed into Airbnb’s theater room (pretty incredible in its own right) to get to the main event. Airbnb’s Executive Creative Director of Environments Aaron Taylor Harvey and Head of IT Mike Jennings joined Teem CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Ritchie to talk about the philosophies and practicalities associated with building the workplace of the future.




Mike shared insightful yet practical advice regarding office technology, like wireless networks, video conferencing technology, etc. His Q&A was a hit when he dropped even more practical and prescriptive responses to questions surrounding “the future” of IT as pertains to the office and conference room technology. As the Executive Creative Director of Environments of the in-house architectural and interior design team at Airbnb, Aaron gave us a peek inside the principles and philosophies that guide their approach to office space design.

Ultimately, the true “workplace of the future” requires a convergence of Aaron’s design and Mike’s technology perspectives. This fact was fully apparent after Shaun showed how efficiency, productivity, and happiness come from the harmonious interactions between people, spaces, and technology. 

Teem Tech @ Airbnb HQ

Airbnb uses Teem Space Scheduling and Management to make meetings and meeting spaces more efficient and productive. Using the Teem Room Display app, Airbnb employees can view and book meeting spaces right from the conference room display. Airbnb also uses Teem Floor Plan Maps, so their employees can interact with a map of the office on every room display. Teem Floor Plan Maps allow Airbnb employees to orient themselves in the massive HQ, see space availability, and book rooms.




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