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How Teem made Weave's meetings and lobby more efficient by weaving together tools and technology.

Making Meetings More Organized

Since SaaS company Weave raised $5 million in Series A funding in 2014, the company has steadily added employees to their office space in Lehi, Utah. As a result, it was getting harder for those employees to find somewhere to hold a quiet meeting.

Rolling out Teem Space Scheduling & Management made it easier for them to meet, while Teem Visitor Management created a smoother experience for office visitors. Custom room display themes and room availability on the big screen help contribute to a company culture that’s fun yet professional and efficient.

About Weave

Weave is a software-as-a-service company that focuses on communication for small businesses. Headquartered in the Salt Lake City area, Weave was founded in 2008 and employs 150 people, as of July 2016. The company’s founders, Brandon Rodman, Jared Rodman and Clint Berry, were on the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum’s “Top 25 under 5” list in 2013 and were accepted into Y Combinator in January 2014.

The Challenge

Weave’s employees – including CEO Brandon Rodman, who works right alongside the others – work in an office with a primarily open floor plan. It’s a collaborative environment, but it’s not always quiet. It’s common for employees to need to find a quieter space to meet or work.

Weave’s office space has 9 conference rooms, in addition to huddle areas with couches and some smaller “telephone booth” spaces. Although the company hasn’t outgrown the space yet, as the number of employees has ticked upward, it’s been getting harder to find a spot to meet.

“Sometimes you’d end up spending half of the scheduled meeting time just finding someplace to sit down.”

– Nancy Haight, Executive Administrator at Weave

“We needed an organized way for people to know where they were meeting, a way to make that process more orderly and slick,” says Nancy Haight, Brandon’s executive administrator, “Sometimes you’d end up spending half of the scheduled meeting time just finding someplace to sit down.”

Brandon had seen Teem room displays at another office and liked the look of them, as well as the improved efficiency they offered. Nancy, along with Weave’s systems expert, Greg Larsen, worked together to implement the solution at Weave.

Problem Solved

Weave hired one of Teem’s installation partners to set up a total of 9 room displays in their office, and one Teem Reception Display in the entryway.

Scheduling & Booking Tools Cause a Culture Shift

Greg integrated Weave’s Teem account with Google Calendar with Teem Calendar Plugins, making it easy for employees to start adding a conference room reservation, if they needed one, when they scheduled a new meeting on the calendar.



Now, Nancy says it’s much easier for her coworkers to know exactly where they’re supposed to be for meetings. If a conference room doesn’t have a meeting scheduled, they know that they can book it last-minute and it’ll show up busy on the shared calendar, so that no one else tries to use the room during the same time frame.

Using Teem has made Weave’s internal meeting culture more professional. When a meeting invite goes out, all the facts are right there, Nancy says. “We have a 9 a.m. meeting, in this room – be there. It makes things more efficient.”

Extending Professionalism to the Front Desk

Weave’s meetings with outside guests also run more smoothly since implementing the Teem platform. When visitors come to Weave, it can be challenging to locate the employee who invited the visitor, particularly given the large office space.

When Weave rolled out Teem Space Scheduling and Management on Teem Room Display apps, they also installed Teem Visitor Management solution on the Teem Reception Display app.

“We like it because it’s self-explanatory,” says Nancy. “When someone gets here, they check in, and it sends a Slack message and email to the person they’re visiting. [The Teem Reception Display app] is a super-important piece [of our office] and I’m really glad we have it.”

Once they’ve been notified by Teem Visitor Management that their visitor has arrived, the Weave employee who’s hosting the meeting comes out to greet the visitor.

Live Availability At-a-Glance

If the meeting host hasn’t already booked a conference room, there’s now an easy fix for that, because Weave’s lobby area also includes a TV monitor that lets employees see at a glance which conference rooms are currently available, using the Teem Area Display web app.



At Weave, the lobby flows seamlessly into the most heavily trafficked part of the office. It’s the ideal location for the Teem Area Display, making it quick and convenient for employees to check meeting room availability throughout the day.

Custom Themes are Just Plain Cool

Another Teem feature that Weave uses to its advantage is professional, custom-branded themes for the displays.

Each conference room has been creatively named, inspired by movies and TV shows, and each room’s Teem Room Display App reflects that. The display for the room dubbed Fortress of Solitude shows Superman standing stoically in the background, whereas the Room of Requirement display features Hermione Granger, wand in hand

“It looks cool, creative,” says Nancy. Although employees enjoy having a workplace with character, it is guests who really feel the impact when they walk past the conference rooms with their clean, sleek displays and custom themes.

“When we walk guests around, it presents nicely,” says Nancy. “It feels like you’re in a place where coming to work is fun.”


About Teem

Our cloud-based platform makes it easy for your employees to meet and book conference rooms, to efficiently manage workspaces and meeting resources, and to measure and analyze your company’s meeting and collaboration behavior.

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