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About Us

Meet Teem

It makes sense that we’re dead-set on eliminating hurdles to office productivity. That’s how the company got started in the first place.


Back in the Day

Back in the day, our co-founders were working at a different company that built iOS apps on a project basis, agency-style. That company was growing quickly and resources were stretched thin.

Growing Problems

Every day, meetings were interrupted by other employees trying to use the conference room. Even if the room was scheduled on the internal calendar, there was no way to make the reservation easily visible to others in the company.

This led to plenty of awkward situations with clients, job candidates and other visitors because there was nowhere to sit down and meet.

"I've Got This!"

So developer Zach Holmquist, now our illustrious co-founder and CTO, went home and built an iPad app to solve the problem.

“Once we put that app out there, it caught on like wildfire,” says our CEO and co-founder Shaun Ritchie. “Turns out other people were having the same problem.

Building EventBoard

By late 2014, our company, which was named EventBoard at the time, had raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Google Ventures, Zetta Venture Partners, Marc Benioff and others.


That was followed by $6.5 million in Series A funding, led by Greycroft Partners with participation from Origin Ventures, Kickstart Seed Fund, Peak Ventures and Zetta Venture Partners.

Most recently, we secured $13.5 million in Series B funding, led by Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) with participation from GE Ventures.

Best of Friends

But funding is only part of the story. Our customers – more than 2,000 of them, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies – are just as important.

In fact, we tend to call them “friends” instead of “customers.” Once we start working with someone, they almost always stick with us, thanks in large part to our outstanding customer service team.

EventBoard is Now Teem

In October 2016, we changed our company name from EventBoard to Teem, to reflect our expanded focus on optimizing the digital workplace.

We were no longer confined to developing software for conference room displays, although continued to improve that flagship product. We started offering even more employee-focused meeting tools and workplace analytics that bring together people, places and technology.

WeWork Acquires Teem

In September 2018, we became Teem by WeWork! We've always had one goal in mind: to create an amazing workplace experience by eliminating hurdles to office productivity.

In joining WeWork, we have found a true partner to support our continued growth and scale as we look to serve many more enterprises around the globe.

What It’s Like Working 
at Teem

The first requirement for working at Teem is passion. Every department in the company is full of people who love what they do, whether it’s back-end development or human resources.

Some people are Teem evangelists before they even start working here – hey, word gets around – and if they aren’t, it doesn’t take long before they’re tweeting out updates with hashtags like #LoveMyJob. After all, customers love our product and the company’s leaders are transparent about the big-picture goals so everyone knows what they’re working towards.

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