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Conference Room Schedule Display

Simplify Conference Room Scheduling With Digital Signage

Teem's room scheduling software integrates easily with iPads, Android, and Crestron room scheduling displays for user-friendly reservations. Employees can quickly see a meeting room's availability, capacity, and equipment. And they can reserve it with one tap.
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Increase visibility and productivity

Get rid of analog conference room displays that need to be updated constantly. Teem conference room scheduling software shows real-time availability at a glance. Employees can make reservations right from the meeting room display, making it easy to schedule a room on the fly while encouraging spontaneous collaboration.


Put an end to scheduling headaches

What if there was a way to almost entirely eliminate complaints about meeting rooms not being available when they’re needed? Teem conference room scheduling displays can help you put an end to scheduling headaches and keep meetings on track.


Simple interface, customizable look

Teem meeting room display app themes for iPads are customizable so they match your brand and company culture. Choose from a dozen standard themes, then add your own background image to personalize each room display. All of our themes offer a clean, user-friendly interface that connects with your office atmosphere.
Custom image room display theme example

Custom image themes

These themes give you the ability to switch out the room display’s background image for a photo or graphic of your choosing. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the image file from your desktop to the Teem admin dashboard.
Standard room display example

Standard display themes

Every Teem license comes with a dozen pre-loaded iPad themes for you to choose from. We don’t call them “basic” themes, because they’re not. These designs are sleek, modern and user-friendly.


Conference room scheduling integrates with common calendar apps

Employees can also book a room from their desktop or mobile device, thanks to seamless integration with popular calendar and email systems such as Exchange, Office 365/Outlook, and Google apps. While other conference room scheduling solutions require extensive work to integrate with systems like Exchange, ours is simple.

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Eliminate Ghost, Zombie® and Late-Start Meetings

Forgotten reservations waste valuable real estate and frustrate employees who need the space. And when those reservations are recurring, your conference rooms could be sitting empty week after week before someone notices. Teem's room scheduling displays have a check-in feature designed to banish ghost and recurring "zombie" meetings. 

Conference room display for meetings


What can employees do from a room display?

End events early

Having an interactive conference room schedule display means meetings can also be ended early. With a simple tap on the display, the reservation is ended and the room becomes available to other employees who need it. Integration with room sensors or beacons is also possible, which allows the meeting room display to automatically take action related to occupancy.

View and book other rooms

What if the room someone wants to reserve is already occupied? Employees can use meeting room displays from Teem to find out which other rooms are available, without walking around from room to room, then book an available space anywhere – right from the display they’re currently viewing.

Submit work requests

 We’ve all been there. Something in the meeting room didn’t work during your presentation, whether it was the TV screen or the videoconferencing service. With our Work Requests feature, report those issues right away from the conference room display, so IT knows what’s on the fritz. Things don’t get fixed if no one knows they’re broken.

What can you do with Teem room displays?

Change device settings from one location

There’s no need to walk to each conference room monitor around the office when something needs to be changed. Simply log in to your administrator account from any computer, and you can make the changes you need to any device.

Manage internal communications

Want to remind employees to sanitize their smartphones, celebrate big wins, or let employees know about an upcoming event?  Why send an email when you can share the news through conference room digital signage? 

Set operating hours and device alerts

Being more energy efficient both reduces office overhead and adds to your organization’s sustainability efforts. As an administrator, you can easily set operating hours for your meeting room displays, allowing them to automatically dim or turn off outside of regular business hours. 


Teem’s Floor Plan Maps

Turn your floor plans into interactive, isometric maps that appear on your conference room displays. Available spaces show up as green, while booked spaces are red. Employees can tap on a meeting room to see its capacity and equipment. (Currently for Apple only.)

See your floor plans on kiosk display

Secure Conference Room Scheduling

Make your digital signage tamper-proof


Privacy settings

Choose whether or not displays should show meeting details such as event title, description or attendees.


Tamper-proof settings

Administrators can choose a mode that essentially turns the tablet into a kiosk display and prevents display users from quitting the Teem Room Display app.

room display security icon

Just the essentials

Each tablet stores only event details for that single calendar, plus the availability of other rooms.

prevent information theft on room display

In case of theft

If necessary, it’s possible to remotely de-associate a device from its Teem account, which deletes the calendar info from the device.

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