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Teem + Crestron

The Teem + Crestron partnership brings you the best of both worlds: the Crestron enterprise-ready suite of hardware products integrated with intuitive Teem scheduling tools and workplace analytics. This software and hardware combination helps employees easily find and book spaces, and also helps organizations understand how their space is being used.

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Enterprise-ready Hardware

Purpose built and scalable, this partnership goes beyond Teem running on Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Screens. Teem also integrates with Crestron Occupancy Sensors, allowing organizations to better support impromptu meetings and understand their ad hoc utilization. And to make collaborating even simpler, Crestron Meeting Room Availability Signs and Light Bars allow employees to see the status of a Teem room at a glance. Best of all, these combinations are backed by Crestron’s award-winning global support.

Easy-to-read Reports on Space Utilization

Combined with Crestron Occupancy Sensors, Teem Workplace Insights help IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams seamlessly track meeting trends (room and huddle space utilization, typical meeting size, duration, no-show meetings, and more) in your organization. This actionable data also comes with recommendations specific to each organization on how to support more collaboration within your existing facilities or how to better plan for new facilities.

Become an Approved Teem Reseller

If you’re already in Crestron’s network of approved dealers, you can apply to become an approved Teem partner as well. That means you’ll be able to sell the Teem Platform with reseller margin.

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Simplified Navigation

See which nearby rooms are available with just a quick glance at an interactive Teem Map on Crestron Touch Screens. Tapping on a space brings up the meeting room’s schedule, capacity, amenities, and more so employees can navigate their workplace and find the best workspace with ease.

Teem Integrated Crestron Hardware

Discover the many hardware combinations Teem and Crestron can provide together.

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TSS Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Screens

TSS Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Screens come pre-configured for Teem, allowing for easy deployment.

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Crestron Fusion and Intelligent Occupancy Sensors

Get all the benefits of Crestron Occupancy Sensors and add intuitive Teem tools for a smart workplace combination.

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Crestron Meeting Room Availability Signs and Light Bars

Make space and resource availability more visible and accessible for all.

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User-Friendly, Enterprise-Ready

The Teem + Crestron partnership brings you the best of both worlds: an enterprise-ready suite of AV hardware products integrated with an intuitive, market-leading SaaS platform offering consumer-like interactions.

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Find out how to get up and running with Teem on Crestron’s TSS Touch Screens. A better workplace experience starts with filling out this form!