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Display Apps for Conference Rooms, Visitor Management and Workspaces

Teem Display Apps are the touchpoints that bring Teem Solutions into the workplace.

Conference Room Displays and Management

Teem Room Display App

The Teem Room Display app makes managing meetings and conference rooms easy by transforming iPads or Android tablets into customizable digital displays that connect real-time with Google Apps, Exchange, Office 365/Outlook and other calendars. The intuitive interface shows what meetings are coming up and lets end users book new ones right from the display.

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Visitor Management System

Teem Reception Display App

This iPad app provides a secure, web-based interface that simplifies the check-in process for visitors, while keeping track of who is visiting your office and when. When a visitor arrives, the Teem Reception Display App presents them with any relevant contracts (like NDAs) and lets the person they’re visiting know that they’ve arrived.

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Browser-Based View of Spaces and Desks

Teem Area Display Web App

Inspired by airport flight status monitors, the Teem Area Display web app shows real-time statuses for the meeting rooms on a particular floor, building or campus. Pull it up in your browser, or share it to a TV monitor in a central location so everyone can see which rooms are available. See room availability in either a list view or in a maps format.

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A Powerful Employee Tool

The Teem Mobile App

Our mobile app, which goes by the name of Teem, lets users quickly find and book an available meeting room with the right capacity and equipment (phone, whiteboard) – with just a few taps on their mobile device. Teem also brings the Internet of Things to your office. Get turn-by-turn directions to meetings, or make a last-minute reservation by holding your phone up to a compatible beacon.

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