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Custom Branding

Custom Branding for Your Conference Room Displays

Digital conference room displays make your office more productive because employees can see at a glance which meetings are coming up for each room. But room scheduling isn’t the displays’ only function – they can also spice up your office design. What better way to impress important meeting guests than a stop-’em-in-their-tracks, branded digital room display that showcases your company’s style?

The Sky's the Limit With Your Meeting Room Displays

Most digital conference room signage options only let you change the look of the display a little bit. Maybe tweak a few colors, add your logo. With the Teem Room Display app, the conference room display’s interface can be completely customized to match your company’s brand and culture.

Get Help from Our Expert Designers

Your imagination is the only limit. (Actually, that’s not a limitation either. You can borrow our fantastic designers’ imaginations.) You can even incorporate video into the design. Read on to learn more about the different types of iPad themes available to Teem customers.

Teem Custom Theme Options

Get a Custom Theme Designed by Professionals

Professional Custom Themes

Professionally designed custom themes are the five-star experience for branded conference room displays. They’re completely customizable and unique to your company, so you can show off what makes your business and culture special. To get your own professionally designed custom theme, you can provide us with a completed design.

Or, you can send us your brand guidelines and assets, and let our team of ace designers do the rest. (We promise they’ll make you look good.) They can even incorporate video clips into your theme, for the ultimate eye-catching experience. Once you’ve installed your new custom branded theme, people will think the software was built exclusively for your business.

Change the Display's Background Image

Custom Image Themes

These themes give you the ability to switch out the room display’s background image for a photo or graphic of your choosing. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the image file from your desktop to the Teem admin dashboard. Spotlight your company logo or all-staff photo, your latest product release, or that new team member who just came on board.

You can even give different conference rooms within your company their own distinct personalities by selecting a different background image for every conference room display. Or, set the tone for certain floors or buildings by choosing the same background image for all the room displays in that location.

Standard, But Not Basic

Standard Display Themes

Every Teem license comes with a dozen pre-loaded iPad themes for you to choose from. We don’t call them “basic” themes, because they’re not. These designs are sleek, modern and user-friendly. Compare them to the antiquated and cluttered interfaces of other room booking displays – there’s just no contest.

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