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Simple and Secure Reception

Save staff time and increase security with Teem Reception Display—the perfect addition to your front desk. Greet visitors with an intuitive and customizable check-in process that runs on an iPad. A few quick steps, and guests are all set. Meanwhile, the host is notified of their visitor’s arrival via text, email, Slack, or HipChat so that their guests aren’t kept waiting.

  • Collect required forms such as NDAs and GDPR compliance.
  • Log visitor contact information and photos.
Know Who’s in the Building
  • Maintain records of office visitors.
  • Require visitors to select their visitor type.
  • Perform security checks with our Visitor Watchlist feature.
  • Receive notifications when someone on your Visitor Watchlist checks in.
Hassle-free Guest ID and Wi-Fi
  • Empower visitors to print their own photo ID badges.
  • Provide secure, temporary guest Wi-Fi with the Aruba ClearPass integration.
  • Send branded email invites to guests with info on their upcoming meeting.
  • Speed up check-in by pre-registering guests and filling out info ahead of time.
  • Register guests when creating events straight from our Teem Calendar Plugins.
Visitor Management
  • Manage this app from the same Teem Admin Dashboard you’re already familiar with.
  • Save signed guest contracts with Box or Dropbox so your files are all in one place.

Visitor Management Software for iPad and Android Tablets

Request a free trial and get more out your reception area.

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Teem Room Display

Showcase room availability, see upcoming events, submit work requests, view interactive maps, book, and more with the app that does so much more than other conference room signage.

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Teem Area Displays

Add convenience and save time by making real-time statuses of available spaces like meeting rooms, huddles spaces, and desks easily visible.

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