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General Inquiries

What can I use the Teem app for?

The Teem app helps you streamline your workday. It makes it easy for you to check in, find and book workspaces and desks, and navigate the office

How do I access the app?

The Teem app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. You can download on your Android or iOS device and take it with you wherever you go.

What is workplace digital signage?

Our digital signage software allows businesses to display important information on screens around the workplace. It’s a convenient way to communicate with employees, connect with your guests, and share your brand.

You can use Teem’s digital signage software to display conference room information, create a room reservation and navigate from meeting to meeting with ease.

Who is iOFFICE?

iOFFICE is Teem’s parent company and the industry leader in next-generation workplace experience and asset management solutions.

Discover more about our team in the video below or read about us here.

Room Displays

What is a room display?

A meeting or conference room display is a cloud-enabled touchscreen that companies use to manage meetings and meeting spaces. It shows employees when rooms are available, lets them check in to their scheduled meetings, and reserve meeting space on the fly.

Teem’s user-friendly room scheduling software connects with iPads, Android and Crestron room displays. Many organizations mount digital room displays outside of meeting rooms so employees can quickly see current and upcoming events, as well as view capacity, equipment and other important room information.

Can users submit maintenance requests from room displays?

When you integrate Teem with your service request system, employees can submit work requests directly from Teem room displays.

How do I get a custom theme?

Make your room meeting room displays more personal by adding brand elements and a custom background. Customizing your theme is as easy as dragging and dropping your photo or graphic from your desktop to the Teem admin dashboard.

What kind of information can users see on room displays?

Room displays are a visual way to communicate room availability, scheduled reservations, and information such as a room’s name, included equipment and capacity limits.

You can connect Teem’s meeting room display software with our wayfinding tools to give users access to a map of your office so they can quickly locate their next meeting.

Returning to the office

What features can I use to improve employee safety following COVID-19?

Teem’s Return-to-Work Starter Kit is a complete package of solutions to help you protect the health and well-being of your employees and guests.

It makes your visitor and space reservation management simple and efficient. Put guests at ease with our visitor management software to streamline check-in, reduce waiting times and remove touchpoints. The kit includes desk booking and room reservation software, so your employees can book in advance or create reservations on-demand. We also offer sensor integrations that can help you automate cleaning and sanitization processes, so you can minimize risk and keep your shared workspaces safe.

Can I use Teem from home?

Yes. Teem software is cloud-based, so you can use it from home or on the go. While companies primarily use Teem to manage space within offices, you can also use Teem to check how busy the office is from your phone, or book an available desk or conference room for upcoming work.

On your way to the office and realize you forgot to book a room for an upcoming meeting? Teem makes it easy for you to find and reserve rooms whether you’re on the subway or booking a space from the parking lot.

How can I use Teem to transition my employees back to the office?

When you’re ready to reopen your offices, Teem is here to help you return safely. Our Return-to-Work Starter Kit is easy to implement and has everything you need to protect your employees and guests when you come back.

This three-in-one solution includes visitor management, room reservation and desk booking software to support your flexible workplace, whether you’re returning in phases, varying shifts or you plan on allowing a limited number of employees to work in the office.

Can I use Teem to anticipate high-touch traffic areas in the office?

Yes. Teem aggregates anonymous usage data so you get easy-to-understand insights based on scheduled versus checked-in room and desk reservations, and gives you dynamic recommendations based on how people are actually using your space. For instance, you can review the average attendee count, meeting no-show rates, and visitor traffic in your lobbies.

You can also partner with sensor vendors to get the most out of Teem’s workplace insights. Not only will you have highly accurate meeting occupancy data, but you’ll also be able to see which huddle spaces or common areas have the highest traffic.

Space Booking

What is space booking?

Space booking helps enhance personal productivity and offers more opportunities for team collaboration. Space booking tools are used to synchronize, access, and manage room and desk reservations in a single, centralized schedule.

Does Teem’s space booking software work for huddle spaces?

Teem’s space booking software works for any type of space you’d like to make reservable — including your huddle spaces.

Can I set up hot desking or desk booking with Teem?

Absolutely. Our desk reservation system gives employees the flexibility and autonomy to book desks on-demand, on the go, and in advance. We support many different types of seating arrangements and reservation models.

Is hoteling the same as desk booking?

Desk hoteling is one method of desk booking. It’s a more advanced desk reservation system that lets your employees choose their own seat ahead of time, giving them more control over their workspace. Plus, it eliminates the concerns over having a desk available when people do come into the office. Desk hoteling also helps simplify your space management by providing advanced space utilization information and the ability to see who was in the office and when.

Will I be notified when someone leaves the desk they’ve booked?

Real-time desk availability is synced and broadcasted across Teem’s booking surfaces. Whether looking for desks on your mobile phone, email plugin or even a large map kiosk, you’ll always know the latest status for every space connected to Teem.

Employees won’t receive a push notification when desks are released or when reservations end, which helps cut down on information overload.

How will I know when spaces are available?

In general, you can filter for available spaces by specifying space type, reservation time and amenities. Teem will display reservable desk, conference room and office spaces that meet your criteria with green accents.

Workplace Analytics

What are workplace analytics?

Workplace analytics help leaders understand the context of their operations so they can optimize their bottom line. By understanding what’s happening company-wide and why, you’re able to make intelligent predictions that are driven by your actual data.

What metrics does Teem’s workplace analytics software track?

Teem collects several metrics as your employees use the platform, all without setting up extra hardware or integrations. Some of these metrics include counts of your meetings, participants and visitors, as well as hours utilized and the percentage of no-show meetings.

Does Teem’s workplace analytics software generate reports?

Teem makes digesting all of your captured data and metrics easier than ever. From your admin dashboard, the Insights feature automatically calculates and translates the metrics you need into plain language reports that provide actionable analysis. Answer questions like “How many meetings go unattended?” and “How many visitors have we had?” Customize your reports to look at individual rooms or entire campuses and get an even clearer picture of how your space is being utilized.

Navigation & Wayfinding

Visitor Management

Does visitor management require guests to pre-register?

Guests aren’t required to pre-register, but it does make the check-in process much more efficient. With Teem, hosts can pre-register their visitors using an iPad receptionist or by sending an email invite that contains all the information needed for their upcoming visit.

Can visitors be manually entered if they haven’t pre-registered?

Yes, it’s easy to manually enter your guests when they check-in. There’s also an option to pre-register visitors with an iPad receptionist or by sending email invites with the information needed for their upcoming visit.

Teem makes it easy no matter which way you choose to enter your guests.

Can I use Teem’s visitor management software if I have a secretary?

Yes — office administrators, secretaries and receptionists love our visitor management software because it automates the check-in process, freeing them up to work on other tasks.

How will I be notified when someone from my watchlist enters the office?

You can set up watchlist notifications to work how you need. Admins designate the appropriate contacts to receive notifications, so they can respond rapidly when someone from your watchlist enters the office.

How will I know when I have a visitor?

You’ll get an automatic notification when your guests arrive. Teem’s visitor management system will send hosts a notification via email or Slack.

Pricing & Billing

How long does the free trial last for?

You can try Teem out at no cost for 15 days.

How will I be billed for Teem?

We bill all Teem plans annually. Our clients have found that annual plans help them budget better and focus on realizing the long-term benefits of adopting Teem through an organization. We’re here to help you succeed in improving your office and enhancing the workplace experience.

Some clients find it more convenient to pay for multiple years up front. If that works better for you, we are very flexible with our multiple-year payment options. Just send us an email at and let us know which options you’re interested in.

What payment methods can I use?

Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of your business so you can focus on what’s important: running your business.

Typically, a credit card is the easiest way to set up billing for Teem. However, we know that some companies would prefer using purchase orders and invoicing. If you would like to discuss other payment options, email us at

What if I need to modify my plan?

Modifying your plan is easy with Teem. The fastest way to get started is by contacting your account manager. If you’re not sure who to contact, give us a call at 415-423-2373 or complete this form and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Are there any hidden fees?

All of Teem’s pricing is available for review on the Teem website. We don’t have any hidden fees, so you never have to worry about unexpected costs.

Do Teem subscriptions come with hardware?

Our subscriptions don’t include hardware. Teem plans come with the app software, our platform, and the support you need to own and manage your hardware.

Software & Integrations

Do I need to buy additional services?

You don’t have to include additional services with your Teem subscription, but most customers say they’ve seen significant benefits through the assistance and training from our Professional Services team. We’re ready to help support your unique needs, whether you need extra help with implementation or just want to make the most of the Teem platform.

How long does it take to implement Teem?

We designed our software to be quick and easy to implement in any workplace setup, so you can deploy Teem in minutes.

What integrations are compatible with Teem’s software?

We are constantly adding new integrations to our product suite to create the most simple, forward-thinking workplaces possible. We integrate with hardware including occupancy sensors, badge printers, and position beacons, as well as software like cloud document storage, workflow software, user directory syncs, and SSO. We even have a public REST API so you can develop your own custom integration for your unique workplace needs. For an up to date list of our integrations, you can visit

Can I share a single room’s calendar on multiple displays?

Yes, you can show a single room’s calendar on multiple room displays. We’ve seen companies use multiple displays for large conference rooms with several entrances. Some offices place additional displays inside a single space, so meeting attendees can easily see them and keep meetings and room reservations on track.

Where can I get hardware?

We’ve partnered with several great hardware providers to make this easy. If you’re interested in recommendations, contact our team for suggested tablets, mounts, power, and more.

How do I install the Teem software?

The Teem platform includes several apps and a comprehensive admin dashboard with in-depth workplace analytics. To get started, you’ll need to set up a Teem account. Download the appropriate app (EventBoard for conference room booking, LobbyConnect for visitor check-in and management) to an iPad or Android tablet. Then, simply connect your Teem account to the devices where you’ve downloaded the apps.

Looking for more support? We have an extensive knowledge base and our experts are available to help.

How do I access my Teem dashboard and integrations?

You can access the Teem dashboard and integrations at any time by logging into Administrators can use the Teem dashboard as a one-stop shop for managing all settings and implementation of our products and integrations.

How do I install room scheduling displays?

Your facilities team can easily install the displays in your lobby and conference rooms. They’ll just need to run power to the area and mount the displays. Our support team is available to walk you through the hardware installation or answer any questions you may have about our conference room scheduling software.

Is Teem’s software on-premise or cloud-based?

Teem offers cloud-based software solutions.

Contact & Support

How do I get in touch with Teem customer service?

Our Customer Service Team is happy to help. You can visit our Help Center and choose your contact preference.

Does Teem have 24-hour support?

Yes, our experts are here to help you 24/7.

How can I check the Teem app status?

At Teem, we’re diligent to maintain >99.5% uptime. You can check our app status here.

What if my office grows?

Teem’s software easily scales as your business grows. Contact your account manager to create a package that’s tailored to your specific needs or visit for more contact options.

Does Teem have any prerequisites?

Teem is a cloud product, so there are no software requirements. Our software is offered on physical products like iPads and other tablet devices. Our team can walk through your unique requirements to help you get up and running without any hassle.

How do I access my Teem account?

To access your Teem account, sign in from

What languages are available with Teem’s software?

While Teem’s software is primarily in English, some of our products have additional language offerings that are listed in the relevant section of the appropriate app store.