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Teem Conference Room Management System


Teem FAQs

Will Teem work with my calendar system?

Teem has been built to work with the most common calendar systems in the enterprise. We offer integrations with Office 365/Outlook, Google Apps and Exchange. For more information about integrating your calendars with Teem, please visit our support site.

How do I get a custom theme?

We offer many solutions for custom themes. We have several base themes that we use as a starting place for most of our customers. However, we also offer design services for building completely custom themes as well as encourage customers to provide their own designs that we use to develop themes that fit their brand.

Do you recommend any mounting hardware?

We have a number of partnerships with hardware and device providers, as well as installation partners. If you are interested in purchasing enclosures or mounts, iPads or Android tablets, please visit our recommended hardware page.

What are the billing options? Can I pay for multiple years upfront?

Please check out our Pricing page for details about billing and payment.

Do you offer a locally hosted solution?

There is no locally hosted solution for Teem at this time.

Where can I find out about updates?

We make a special effort to keep our customers informed about product updates and new features. These are frequently announced on Twitter, our dedicated Product Updates blog, and through monthly email newsletters.

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