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Getting Started Guide

Get Started with Teem

Calendars, Spaces, and Users -

Congratulations! You're on your way to a happier, more efficient workplace. This list will walk you through the most essential steps to getting your calendars and spaces up and running.

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  • Set up calendars

    Teem booking tools utilize your existing calendar system, but you’ll need to integrate your calendars with Teem after purchasing Teem licenses in order to use the platform.

    Google Users Office 365 Users Outlook Users
  • Create a room

    Create a room and learn more about the hierarchy made up of Campuses, Buildings, Floors, and Spaces. These categories define the Teem structure and set the foundation for what we can do for your organization.

    Create a Room
  • Synchronize and assign calendars to rooms

    This is the process of assigning your calendars to Teem rooms and finalizing the connection between Teem and your existing calendar system.

    Watch a Video Tutorial

    Sync Exchange 2010 Sync Exchange 2013 Sync Exchange 2016 Sync Office 365 Sync Google Assign Calendars
  • Create desks (assigned or bookable)

    Creating a desk is very similar to creating a room where you will need to learn more about the hierarchy made up of Campuses, Buildings, Floors, and Spaces. These categories define the Teem structure and set the foundation for what we can do for your organization.

    Create a Desk
  • Add amenities to rooms and desks

    Adding amenities and capacities to your spaces will allow your users to filter by those fields to find the right room for their meeting. Any amenity added can also be served by work requests.

    Amenities for Rooms and Desks
  • Set up Users

    Teem permissions are applied by defining permissions for a group, then adding users to that group. Admins should be part of a group with elevated permissions within Teem. End-users should be part of a different group that only has access to Employee Tools. You can also make a group for designers that gives them permission to manage room display themes.

    Managing Users and Setting Permissions

Calendar Plugins -

Increase Teem adoption across your workplace by meeting employees in the calendar tools they’re already using. Our plugin lives within your Office 365/Office or Google Calendar to make room booking simple and easy for all members of your organization, including new employees who are scheduling a meeting for the first time. Book rooms based on location, availability, capacity, amenities, and more.

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Mobile App -

Support a mobile-first approach within your workplace with the Teem App. This app allows employees to book on the go, get turn-by-turn directions with the Meridian Maps integration, and more.

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Finder -

Finder is a space-booking and wayfinding tool that helps employees easily connect with their workplace community. It combines an intuitive touch interface with a seamless at-a-glance view of the workplace, making it easy to book rooms and desks ad hoc, locate assigned desks (coming soon), and wayfind via maps.

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  • Order Hardware Procurement

    There are four main components needed to run Finder successfully. From these components, you must order the appropriate hardware needed for your deployment.

    Finder Hardware Overview
  • Set up Maps

    Provide Teem with accurate floor maps to connect and associate with your account.

    Get Maps
  • Create and Deploy Finder Views

    Once you have your hardware and maps setup, you can create and deploy Finder Views.

    Create and Deploy Finder View

Room Displays -

Users can see a room’s status and upcoming schedule, submit a work request, view a map of the floor, or book an event, all from the room display!

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  • Procure, set up, and install hardware Procurement

    Certain room display enclosures have long lead times, so if you're planning on mounting displays outside of your rooms, we suggest ordering enclosures as soon as possible. Of course you don't have to wait for them to arrive to get started. You can set up your Teem account, start using Teem booking tools, and collect utilization and meeting room data before a single display is mounted!

    Hardware Supported Devices for Room Displays
  • Set up devices

    Download the EventBoard app on your tablets.

    iOS Setup Android Setup
  • Sync devices

    In order to run our EventBoard app on your conference room displays, you’ll need to connect the devices to your company’s Teem account.

    Add Devices
  • Customize settings

    Teem has a number of options and settings you can manage. Here are some of our recommendations. We suggest setting your EventBoard organization settings first, then applying overrides further down the hierarchy as you see fit.

    Recommended Settings
  • Design and assign room themes [Add-on available for Enterprise only]

    Customizing the screen of your EventBoard devices turns your office into a branded experience that builds company identity and culture, and improves workplace experience. DIY customizable themes and professionally customized themes are available. Themes can be applied at any level of the space hierarchy.

    Customize Themes
  • Set up Work Requests [Available for Pro and Enterprise only]

    With Work Requests, your employees can report issues on certain room amenities (such as Apple TV, monitors, chairs, etc.) to the appropriate contact(s) within the organization from the room display or the Teem dashboard.

    Work Requests
  • Health Monitoring

    Enabling health monitoring will ensure that you're alerted when devices go offline. To do this, we need to know where health emails should go. This setting is a global setting.

    Health Monitoring

Visitor Management -

Once you've purchased LobbyConnect licenses, streamlined visitor management is just a few steps away. Follow this list to get up and running in no time.

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  • Purchase devices for LobbyConnect Procurement

    Purchase devices that are compatible with LobbyConnect so you can continue to get setup with LobbyConnect while they’re on their way.

    Supported LobbyConnect Devices
  • Create lobbies

    Create your lobbies so you can assign devices to those spaces.

    Create a Lobby
  • Assign devices to lobbies

    Assign devices to the lobbies you created in the Teem admin dashboard.

    Add LobbyConnect Devices
  • Set up badges and badge printer Procurement

    Pair LobbyConnect with a compatible wireless printer to enable visitors to print their own photo ID badges, which can be custom designed by your web developer. We also provide multiple custom default templates to choose from.

    Visitor Badges
  • Create visitor types Facilities

    Using visitor types allows you to set the information fields and contract that each visitor type is required to fill out at check-in. You can use that data to inform business decisions by exporting visitor logs. Examples of visitor types are: Delivery, Family, Interview, Guest, Food, etc.

    Manage Visitor types
  • Set up visitor contracts

    Set up a contract such as an NDA, waiver, or other type of agreement that you can require guests to sign when they’re checking in with LobbyConnect.

    Visitor Contracts
  • Set up notifications

    When a visitor checks in, LobbyConnect can notify the person the guest is there to see (aka the host) via SMS, email or chat, or if the visitor is on the Visitor Watchlist (often used for security or VIP purposes), LobbyConnect will notify the owner of the Visitor Watchlist.

    Visitor Arrival Notifications
  • Customize the welcome screen

    By default, LobbyConnect comes with variety of optional background images, but you can customize your welcome screen using your own images

    Customize LobbyConnect Screen
  • Import hosts

    When visitors check in with LobbyConnect, they’re asked to select their host (if this field is turned on for their Visitor Type). LobbyConnect will then notify the selected host of their guest’s arrival.. This step is where you add the hosts to the LC system.

    Importing LobbyConnect Visitors
  • Set up visitor watchlist

    With our Visitor Watchlist feature, you can designate an employee – such as the building's security manager – to receive an email whenever anyone who meets certain criteria uses LobbyConnect to check in. In addition to improving security, it allows you to have better overall awareness of who is entering your space.

    Employee Notifications Webhooks
  • Configure integrations

    LobbyConnect offers a variety of integrations, including iOffice, Box, Zapier, and Slack, as well as APIs and webhooks.

    Teem Integrations

Take your Organization to the Next Level -

Once you've configured Teem rooms per the above list, you're ready to set up more advanced Teem settings.

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  • Dig into Teem Insights Facilities

    Better understand how your spaces are being used with actionable data that can improve space utilization. Learn how your organization collaborates in different types of spaces and more.

  • Configure Aruba Beacons

    Take advantage of our integration with Aruba Beacons for wayfinding and get turn-by-turn directions for your workplace.

    Aruba Beacons
  • Build Custom Integrations

    With our API and webhooks, the possibilities for custom integrations are endless.

    Teem API
  • Maps [Add-on available for Enterprise only]

    Maps are required for Finder and also integrate with Teem Calendar Plugins and Room Displays. Maps provide wayfinding visuals with red-light/green-light space availability and allow for interactive booking when used with Finder and Teem Room Displays.

    Set Up Maps