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  • Conference Room Schedule Displays

    End the Room Wars

    It’s happened to all of us: You show up at the conference room you’re planning to use for an important meeting… but it looks like someone else had the same idea. Or maybe your company meetings are notorious for starting late, which means they never end on time either. Whatever the cause, meeting room snafus create friction between coworkers. Meet your new meeting room booking system.

    Stunning Conference Room Displays
  • Visitor Management System

    Make a Powerful First Impression

    Put yourself in the shoes of first-time visitors to your office. What’s their impression of your lobby? A visitor registration system that runs on a sleek iPad implies a well-run, tech-forward business. More importantly, it makes guest check-in easier for your administrative staff by prompting visitors to print their own guest badges and sign any NDAs or waivers.

    LobbyConnect Visitor Management System
  • Conference Room Scheduling Software

    Cut Meeting Scheduling Time in Half

    Why is it so hard to schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time? Or book a conference room with the right number of chairs and the tech needed for presentations? Frankly it doesn’t have to be. Use our conference room booking tools to search for and book meeting rooms based on availability, number of meeting attendees, in-room resources – or all three. Finish your meeting scheduling in less time, so you can move through that long to-do list more quickly.

    Find Out How to Reclaim Lost TIme
  • Meeting Room Schedule Display

    See Which Meeting Rooms Are Available Now

    Ever had a last-minute meeting and wondered which room you could grab? You could walk over to one of our EventBoard room displays to check, or pull out your phone to search with our mobile app. But sometimes it’s easier to just glance up at a big screen to see what meeting rooms are open right now. That’s why we built Flightboard.

    Get the Big-Picture View of Teem
Meeting Room Scheduler
Meeting Room Scheduler
Conference Room Booking Tools
Meeting Room Schedule Display
Conference Room Management Dashboard

Conference Room Management

Manage Devices Easily and Efficiently

Digital displays that can only be controlled from the device itself are counterproductive. With our conference room displays, which you can manage from a web-based dashboard, you won’t have to go from device to device (or floor to floor) to make adjustments. You can change the settings of a room display across the country as easily as you can adjust the one across the hall. Go with a centralized solution and stop making meeting room management harder than it has to be.

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Painless User Management

Visitor Management

Painless User Management

Not everyone needs to see your entire office’s meeting analytics, or to view which visitors have checked in to LobbyConnect. We make it easy for account admins to add new users with SSO integrations including Google and Office 365. Teem also offers detailed permission settings to make sure that only the people who need access, get access.

Explore More Teem Management Tools

Security That Keeps the Golden Rule

At Teem, we protect your data the same way we protect our own – rigorously. So when you work with us, you’re working with dozens of security-minded individuals who are dedicated to safeguarding your information. From having a CISSP-certified security team member on staff to yearly pen tests, we’re set up to make sure we never let you down.

Learn How We Protect Your Data

Conference Room Work Requests

Find out When Conference Room Tech Goes on the Fritz

Tired of conference room repair requests falling through the cracks? Our Work Requests feature acts like a ticket system, so end users can easily submit requests to IT or facilities.

See How Work Requests Work
  • Workplace Analytics & Trends

    Make the Most of Workspace

    Not having comprehensive analytics before making any important decision, would be a grave mistake—and office facilities are no different. You might turn out to be right later on—but you might not. Whether it’s expanding workspace or purchasing new conference room technology, having the right insights and recommendations based on your company’s specific meeting data can take the guesswork out of optimizing your workspace.

    Learn How Teem Gets Rid of Guesswork
  • Workplace Trends

    How You Meet Says a Lot About How About You Work

    Any time an employee interacts with Teem it produces data: a last-minute meeting, an official request for help with the glitchy conference room TV screen, a meeting that was canceled because no one checked in – all data points telling the story of how you work. With some context and expert interpretation applied, you can use those stats to improve the way your organization meets, which goes on to impact everything else you do.

    Discover What a Data-Driven Workplace Looks Like
  • Visitor Management Software

    Better Manage Lobby Resources and Staff

    If you don’t know what kind of visitors are stopping by your office, it’s hard to make plans for greeting them or making sure they sign the right paperwork. LobbyConnect insights reveal exactly which types of visitors – delivery, vendor, client – make the most visits to your office.

    See What Else You Can Learn
Workplace Analytics & Insights
Data Driven Workplace
Visitor Management Insights

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