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Powerful Integrations Connect the Office Ecosystem

Get even more out of the Teem platform by connecting it with other best-in-class services, from collaboration tools to smart building technology, through our integrations, webhooks and APIs. Make everyday processes easier on your employees and get more data from the tools you’re already using.


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Work Requests

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Support Collaboration & Streamline Processes

Teem Sensor Integration

The Teem Sensor Integration makes available spaces more visible and accessible for employees. While it does that, it's collecting and communicating valuable, robust data to IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams. The integration is made possible through partnerships with best-in-class companies including Crestron, Current, powered by GE, and Enlighted.

Check Out Our Sensor Integration

Get the best of both worlds: Crestron’s enterprise-ready hardware integrated with intuitive Teem scheduling tools and analytics. Teem leverages intelligent Crestron Occupancy Sensors by integrating with Crestron Fusion. Learn more about the Teem + Crestron partnership.

Current, powered by GE

Get all of the benefits of Teem in an intelligent environment with Current, powered by GE. From data to help drive productivity to more energy efficient savings, these sensors will have you covered. Learn more about the Teem + Current partnership here.


Find out what it means to work in a smart building by integrating Teem with Enlighted sensors. Take advantage of energy optimization and real-time data while still being able to book rooms, check into meetings, and more, all without having to lift a finger.

Power Booking, Indoor Navigation, and More

Teem Beacon Integration

Our integration with Aruba/Meridian enables your employees to use our Teem mobile app to get turn-by-turn directions to their next meeting, or to quickly make a last-minute room reservation simply by holding their phone up to the room’s Aruba beacon. It’ll even add the new meeting to your personal calendar.

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Connect Your Issue Tracking System

Teem Work Requests

IT professionals tend to spend a good chunk of each work day dealing with tickets and issue tracking systems. Teem makes it easier to manage meeting room related tech and equipment issues, so problems can get fixed faster. IT teams that use JIRA for issue resolution can now use this Teem integration to allow end users to submit tech and equipment issues from the conference room display, via our work requests feature. Instead of getting email alerts when a work request is submitted, this integration automatically creates a new issue within an existing JIRA project.

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Teem WX Tools

Looking for the calendar systems that integrate with the Teem platform? See Tools like the Teem Calendar Plugins and Teem Dashboard make the most out of your company calendar.

Teem Calendar Plugins

Teem connects with your company’s existing shared calendaring system so employees can book conference rooms using the tools they’re already comfortable with. Make the most of other meeting tools and analytics from Teem.

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Teem Dashboard

Integrating the Teem platform with your company’s existing directory makes it easier and more secure for your account administrator to manage end users and for your company to get the most out of our visitor registration, meeting management tools and more.

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Calendar Integrations Inside Teem Tools

Google Apps for Work

If your company uses Google Apps for Work, adding this plugin allows you to set up calendars for each conference room display, so that end users can view the room’s calendar just like they would view a coworker’s calendar. Integrate with Google SSO to connect Teem user management and the visitor management employee list to your organization’s Google Apps directory of contacts and email addresses.

Office 365

Exchange shared calendars users can set up room resource accounts to sync your calendar data with Teem. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your preferred type of permissions access: impersonation or delegate access. Integrate with Office 365 SSO to authorize Teem end users through your company’s Office 365 account and to allow for syncing of the visitor management employee list.

Outlook Add-in

The Teem Outlook Add-in makes it easier than ever to manage your meetings. Get the power of Teem booking directly from your Outlook web platform.

Visitor Management Integrations

Teem Visitor Management integrates with chat platforms and file management solutions to streamline the lobby experience for guests and employees.

Slack & HipChat

Chat Platforms

Chat platforms and apps are important tools for quick communication in today’s collaborative work environment. Teem integrations fit right into that workflow, enabling you to get notifications from our visitor management solution via chat. When a visitor checks in at your front desk via Teem Reception Display app, Teem pushes a notification to Slack or HipChat that lets the relevant employee at your company know their guest has arrived. The notification includes the visitor’s name, photo (Slack only) and their check-in location, which is helpful for large offices with individual reception displays at each entrance.

Dropbox & Box

File Management

Cloud-based file storage lets you keep important business documents in one centralized location, including NDAs and agreements signed by visitors to your office who checked in with our visitor management system. Every company has its preferred way of storing important visitor documents like waivers and NDAs. This visitor management integration allows customers who manage security or legal documents through Box or Dropbox to store and organize visitor contracts using the same service. This doesn’t replace the copy of the contract saved in the Teem dashboard, it simply provides an alternate way to manage the files.

Webhooks and APIs

Webhooks allow you to export data in real-time to a URL of your choosing, to your internal reporting systems, for example. This approach works with any platform that’s built to process webhooks. APIs give you the flexibility to build your own integrations.

Reception Display Webhooks

Reception Display data for both visitor check in and check out is available. Use webhooks to push this information to your company’s preferred security platform, for example, or to a company-wide dashboard showing data from different sources.

Room Display Webhooks

Room display webhooks make your meeting-related data available in its raw form, so you can use it for whatever you choose. You can set up webhooks to push meeting check-in or meeting cancellation data to whatever platform works best for you.


Want to do even more with your data? We have a couple of different APIs, so you can authenticate and make requests to your heart’s content.Visit our developer portal right here.

Zapier Integration

The Teem + Zapier integration connects you with more than 750 best-in-class technologies and allows you to integrate directly with them using the Zapier workflow integrations system. See the Zapier integrations here.

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This is just the beginning. Integrations allow our customers to keep using their preferred tools for complementary purposes, while still getting all the benefits of Teem.

So if you’re wishing that your favorite collaboration or analytics platform would integrate with Teem, let us know! If you’re wondering if we can integrate with your platform to make it more powerful, reach out!

We’re looking forward to working with other services that make the workplace better.


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