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Sensor Integrations

Better Support Impromptu Collaboration

The Teem Sensor Integration makes available spaces more visible and accessible for employees, while also providing IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams with robust data.

See Huddle Space Availability

Knowing when non-reservable huddle spaces, aka touchdowns or ad hoc spaces, are available is a known workplace challenge. But when these spaces are paired with occupancy sensors, Teem automatically reflects space availability status across the Teem platform so everyone knows which spaces are up for grabs.

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How Teem Works with Sensors

Without interrupting an employee’s workflow, sensors automatically:

Book by Occupancy

Book spaces as they become occupied.

Know and Show Availability

Show the status of open and in-use spaces on calendars and other Teem tools.

Immediately Show Unused Spaces

Know when a room is actually available when a meeting ends early, is canceled, or goes unattended.

Collect More Data

Integrate with Teem Workplace Analytics to provide reports filled with actionable analytics on space utilization and meeting behavior.

Check-in to Meetings

Check people into meetings when they show up for their reservations.

Understand How Spaces are Used

Teem Workplace Insights, combined with sensors, help IT, Facilities, and Real Estate teams track your meeting trends. Learn what your typical meeting size and duration are, know the actual utilization of huddle spaces vs. meeting rooms, and much more.

Dive into Workplace Analytics

Sensor Integration Partners

We’re proud to work with these world-class companies from the Teem Partner Network: Crestron, Enlighted, and Current, powered by GE.

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